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Touch 10 and Webex Codec Pro and Crestron



i have to create a Start Page for the Touch 10.

I can hide all normal Buttons with "xConfiguration UserInterface Features HideAll: True".

Is there a way to hide my own created Buttons? (created with the UI Extensions Editor)

Or can i create a complete new Start page, with only one button? I think not.

My plan is to remove all Buttons except one. This one is to start the Monitors and the DSP.

And after the start has completed the call and share button (and one button to Switch off) will appear.

I think there is an way to do it, but I cant find it in the API Reference Guide.


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Wayne DeNardi
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VIP Advisor

You could hide all the standard UI as you have described and have your own "On/Off" button which, when pressed, could trigger a macro to do your turn on functions, then restore the UI setting back to HideAll: False to get the UI back.  The "On/Off" button, when pressed again could then turn things off, and hide the standard UI again.  

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Hi Wayne DeNardi,

first thanks for your answer.

I need one more thing. I have 3 buttons created with the UI Extensions
Editor (in room Editor).
One for Volume. One to change the inputs. One to switch on/off the
monitors and a projektor.
All of these buttons must also be hidden. Is this possible?

To me it sounds like you are trying to over complicate your user interface and having too many sections to go in and out of for each of the functions.  Think about the flow of what your end users need to do during their use of the room and how many button presses they will need to do in an average sitting in the room using the UI you make.   If they have to click lots of times to get to simple functions, then it's not going to give you a lot of end user satisfaction.  Simple is almost always better.  

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Yes, i know what you mean. But this buttons are necessary.
Because there is no crestron Touchpanel in the room.
And all room functions operate over the Cisco Touch 10.
That's the point why i need the start button.
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