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TURN licenses problem

Rene Tessier
Level 1
Level 1

I am using TMS 13.0.1, VCS and VCSE X6.1 and MOVi 4.2.

I have issues when two MOVI on the same network are in communication together, they use TURN licenses even if there is no NATing.

Anyboby else ever encoutered this?

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Level 1


Hi, You mean 2 different movi users (same network range) registered to the same VCSC are having issues communicating? What type of issues are you experiencing, calls between them, presence issues? media issues? can you give us more details?

Cesar Fiestas

Cesar Fiestas

Thanks for the quick reply, actualy, the issue is not totally understood, but even if the system are registered to the same VCSC and are on the same network, where there is not NATing involved, i end up using TURN licenses. My biggest problem is that i run out of TURN licenses all the time. I am even wondering why I get to use TURN license which are on the VCSE, while everything should be done on the "VCSC.  When people are calling from outside using MOVI, I fully understand that they might require TURN, but when the calls are internal. I see no reason why

If movi is directly locally registered to the vcs-c and is properly provisioned/configured local calls will stay local.

If the registration is proxied or your design / configuration has issues it could explain an what you see.

Its hard to say something with the limited info you had given.

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Thanks, your answer lead me to look at my call configuration where I was using always as my call routed mode.

I have modified to Optimal, I use Turn licens until the call connects, then drops the licenses once the communication is established.

I am pretty sure if you use a traversal call, that the call is always routed (media and signalling).

Again, if you would do a sip2sip call of two locally directly to the vcsc registered movi clients you should not see any

turn licenses beeing involved.

The only turn impact I see is on VCSE calls or the B2BUA for edge server calls.

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