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Unable to Initiate a call from TANDBERG Codec C60 to another TANDBERG Codec C60 on H323 protocol

Elie Sbat
Level 1
Level 1


I am unable to make a conference call between two TANDBERG Codec C60 when they are making use of H323 protocol.

I have 1 VCS where Interworking is configured. 

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Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Elie

We need a lot more information than this

Are both the units registered on H323 and is it even enabled?

What do you see when you try to initiate the call? What is the error?

Can you see something in the VCS eventlogs of what might have happened?

Is there anything else that might be of intrest to us? Firewalls or anything similar?


Apart from the things what Magnus has mentioned check if you have any transforms on VCS that might be creating the problem??



Tomonori Taniguchi
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

> I have 1 VCS where Interworking is configured.

Are you making a native H.323-H.323 call between two C60 or interworking call from C60 that registered on VCS as H.323 Endpoint?

If native call, do you have “any alias match” search rule on VCS?

If interworking call from H.323 Endpoint to SIP UA, do you have “regex” search rule (or search rule that matchup SIP URL)?

What status in search history shows when you made call from H.323-C60, “Found”, “Not found”, “No route to destination”, any other status?

What status in call history shows when you made call from H.323-C60, “Normal call clearing”, “Request Terminated”, “404 Not Found” , any other status?


Guys the situation is as follows:

  • No routing issue between the VCS , C60 Codec and Cisco C90. No Firewall in between to block any kind of port.
  • Calls are successfull between Cisco Jabber and any Codec running H323. VCS Interworking is configured to ON.
  • Calls between Cisco C90 Codec and Tandberg C60 is not successful when both are running H323. however, the call is successful when both are running SIP.
  • Devices are registered on VCS with Alias assigned to it .

The logs on the VCS are not clear. to conclude, H323<->H323 calls is not successful.

Actually, I did this interworking to overcome the license limitation I have for non-traversal license, which is limited to 20.



Hi Elie,

can you post the search details from the VCS for this call??

also have you checked if you have any transformation on VCS?




Note, Between 2 Codec on running H323 and the other SIP it is working fine.

Alok, from where to get the search details ? Ia musing version X6.0 on the VCS.


I have tried 2 calls SIP<->H323 and H323<->H323 both are successful. weird might be hitting a problem in the device itself.

sorry, for being novice in this. But I need to know regarding the search is there any document to read about it.

Hi Elie,

you can go under status page on VCS and select search histroy. then search for your call.

click on that and it will show you the search history of the call and error what occurred in the call.

paste the search histroy so that we can also see whats happening. you can also collect the logs on vcs by logging to vcs as admin from CLI and run the command netlog 2. capture the window.

make a call wait for it to fail and then search the call and error if you see any.