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Upgrading Firmware of DX80 which is at remote(home)

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Level 1

We are looking to upgrade a DX80 firmware which is currently shipped to a user's home 

As per CSR Compatibility Matrix Minimum Version for DX 80 is  CE 9.2.3 the device is currently on CE 8.3.0


We want to Upgrade the firmware to CE9.10.0 and then 9.15 eventually. We have tried to see if its possible using the Cisco Cloud Upgrader tool as per this 

The Cisco Cloud Upgrader will install Collaboration Endpoint (CE) software version CE9.10.0.


However the Instructions are only for Android to CE, there is no Information or steps given here for going from CE 8.3.0 TO CE 9.10.0 


Can someone please advise -

1)Can this tool be used for going from CE 8.3.0 TO CE 9.10.0  ( ) it only has Android Instructions

and settings menu doesn't have any option for TFTP as stated in this doc.

2)If not what are the alternative options to upgrade the system remotely as its not getting registered due to old firmware.

3)As the user is a VIP we are avoiding his involvement as much as possible in this process.

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