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Upgrading Firmware of DX80 which is at remote(home)


We are looking to upgrade a DX80 firmware which is currently shipped to a user's home 

As per CSR Compatibility Matrix Minimum Version for DX 80 is  CE 9.2.3 the device is currently on CE 8.3.0


We want to Upgrade the firmware to CE9.10.0 and then 9.15 eventually. We have tried to see if its possible using the Cisco Cloud Upgrader tool as per this 

The Cisco Cloud Upgrader will install Collaboration Endpoint (CE) software version CE9.10.0.


However the Instructions are only for Android to CE, there is no Information or steps given here for going from CE 8.3.0 TO CE 9.10.0 


Can someone please advise -

1)Can this tool be used for going from CE 8.3.0 TO CE 9.10.0  ( ) it only has Android Instructions

and settings menu doesn't have any option for TFTP as stated in this doc.

2)If not what are the alternative options to upgrade the system remotely as its not getting registered due to old firmware.

3)As the user is a VIP we are avoiding his involvement as much as possible in this process.

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Nithin Eluvathingal
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VIP Mentor

1)Can this tool be used for going from CE 8.3.0 TO CE 9.10.0  ( ) it only has Android Instructions

and settings menu doesn't have any option for TFTP as stated in this doc.


The above is not for your scenario. Its for converting from Android software to CE. 


You can upgrade devices using the native web interface of the device, CUCM, TMS or using the device xAPI.


Go through the Software Upgrade section in your version  Release notes.


CE9.9.1 / CE9.8.2 – Fixes software upload file size warning

You are trying to upgrade a Cisco Webex Room Device via the web interface using a COP file, but you get a file size limitation warning that the limit for uploading software is set to 1GB. If you get this warning message, please first upgrade to CE9.8.2 or CE9.9.1 where this issue has been resolved. This means if you are going to upgrade to for example CE9.10.0 from CE9.9.0 you may see this error message in the web interface. Upgrading via CUCM or other methods than the web interface are not affected. This issue only affects the newer Cisco Webex Room Device portfolio when upgrading using cop.sgn files via the web interface.

Note that these versions (CE9.8.2 and CE9.9.1) have been deferred, please use TMS, CUCM or use a web server to upgrade the device to the latest version.

If you do not have CUCM or TMS, you can work around this by putting the latest available software package on a web server reachable by the device you are about to upgrade. Type the following command from the xAPI CLI:



Upgrading using the web interface

Access the device on https://codecIP/web/software. Upload the correct software package by following the instructions on the web page. The upgrade will start, and the device will reboot with the new software.

If you are on a software version before CE9.9.1 or CE9.8.2 you may experience a file size warning if the file you are uploading are larger than 1GB. If you experience this, please upgrade using one of the other methods.


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