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Using Audio Science telepresence Mic without rear deflector

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Level 1

Hi Folks,

Can you masters help me with your feedback and views on the following:

I have a Audio Science Telepresence Ceiling Microphone, which needs to be implemented without the rear deflector due to some client concerns.

If that is implemented, I have a few concerns,

  • Would the microphone stay firmly on top of the top deflector, since without the rear deflector it would not have anything to lock on to.?
  • The purpose of the rear deflector is to block out any speaker noise from reaching the microphone, without that would it be a effective deployment?

Kindly help share your views so I can learn and evaluate better. Thanks.



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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

It's hard to tell, but looking at the install guide, it appears the microphone is attached to the top deflector.  I'd recommend you not remove the rear deflector, as you mention it's meant to stop noise from the speakers in the front of the room, otherwise you might pickup unwanted audio.  It would be mounted to the ceiling, so even with the rear deflector in place, it shouldn't be that intrusive.

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your feedback, I will still stick with the rear deflector after considering your views.



This would not be a good idea. The purpose of the rear deflector aside from blocking the sound coming from the front speakers is to redirect/bounce the picked up sound from the front to the mouthpiece of the mic. As you can see the mounting of the mic is facing on the rear deflector and it is designed that way. Removing the rear deflector part is defeating its purpose and would make the mic ineffective.



Yes Acevirgil,

That is correct the mounting of the mic is designed to be attached to the microphone and to redirect the sound. I was wondering if any one has tested because I was not sure of how much of a noise it would pick up with out the rear deflector.

But this pretty much answers my question.