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VCS Expressway configuration


i have project that contain the following scinario :

i have CUCM Publisher , Cisco unity connection, Cisco Expressway- E , Cisco Expressway - C all these machine have been installed running fine, i need to know the scinario of configuration ( i need to check if understand am right or not , and also to get more info about that )

CUCM Publisher is integrated with Cisco unity using SIP trunk , as per my understanding of expressway ( information read from Cisco site) , the expressway edge will be integrdated with expressway - C ( expressway core ) , expressway - C ( expressway core ) will be integarted with CUCM Publisher.

expressway edge will be Published using Public IP , but i need to understand should i need CUCM IM Presence to be installed , if yes what integration needed to be done ( is just only the integration between CUCM IM Presence and CUCM Publisher ) , is there any integartion between Presence and Expressway core or edge ??

please put any guide for that , CVD or anything related .

thanks on advance 

Senior Network Engineer
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Suggest you take a look at the below guides.

Expressway Basic Configuration Deployment Guide

Expressway and CUCM via SIP Trunk Deployment Guide

Mobile and Remote Access via Cisco Expressway Deployment Guide

thanks Mr. Patrick Sparkman for the links

Senior Network Engineer
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