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VCS - Mobile and remote access feature configuration issue

mohsin majeed
Level 2
Level 2

Hi experts,


I upgraded my appliance based VCS-C and VCS-E to X8.5.2 in order to configure MRA feature.

I am now stuck in the configuration part. Main thing is regrading the certificates. Once i upload this generated certificate; it gives error as attached.


Is it necessary to use TLS in "verify mode On" in order to configure this feature in the traversal zone.


Also if you can please help me regarding step by step configuration other than the links for guides.




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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Public CA?? Private CA?? Exactly what did you do to the CSR?? What kind of file are you trying to install??

Yes, it's mandatory to have TLS verify on for the UC traversal zone.

There is no other documentation on for this, that is the document everybody uses to configure the feature, and we all managed to get it to work with it. I had no idea the first time I configured it, and just followed the instructions to get it to work.



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Thanks for your response,

We are using Private CA to signed the request generated from --->Server certificate option.

This certificate is being generated in .csr but acutally vcs accepts .pem format. I follow the instruction from one of the cisco document to convert .csr to .pem using microsoft windows but same error once upload this certificate because i am not sure it converts to .pem or no, as extension remains .cer