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VCSc, 3 VCSe Trav Zones, and calls to unkown IP's....

Paul Thomas
Level 1
Level 1

Can someone please explain to me the expected performance here? I have a need to query all three Traversal Zones for AnyIP, but it seems only one is selected, regardless if Zones are same or different priorities....

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Martin Koch
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Do you really think this is what you want to do?

What exact scenario do you want to handle by that?

Are the ip addresses on the public internet or defined by local zones on the other VCS-Es?

I did not try it but if I just think logically, if its would be on the internet

and you use different search priorities then I would expect the one with the

highest priorty would always win as you can not define subnet ranges.

The search for the ip will always be positive, even if the ip is down, so even with multiple

search rules the first one will always hit

If you would use the same priority the call would be forked and if all VCS-Es would be able

to reach the remote site you are in trouble as the destination is hit three times, so also not recommended.

Maybe its possible to match some subnets you need to address with regex search rules,

but I also do not like that.

But like I said if you could share with us what how your design looks like and what you are trying to accomplish

by that, it might be easier to say more about it.

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The design is for a secure government network. They have three differnt networks that will be talking to shared infrastructure such as MCU. They IP range for one of the VCSe connections is true Internet. The other two are to secure networks, but they don't always know the IP to which they would be calling until time to call....and it may be different every time...

Not sure if regex works on IP's as you said....I tried Match Alias with full IP address and by trying prefix with first 2 octets for example. No good.

Using the same priority did not send signaling as a fork, as I would have expected.....still only to one VCSe...I would not expect same IP's on any two segments....

I am wondering why it also can't work if I add 2 diffrent VCSe Peer addresses to same zone...does not query bothj, only Peer 1 I saw...

.although I think it is only useful when VCSe's are a cluster.


If its a secure network then I would not like to see that a request even might get announced towards the internet :-)

Btw, you added the local IPs which each VCS shall handle to its local sub zone?

I do not think that the peer setting is a good idea. I do not think that both peers would be queried at the same

time anyhow, would assume it does some load balancing, but never traced on that.

No chance that they just register to the VCSs internally? If they roam you could still use some

split DNS so dependent on the network where they are in they hit the fitting VCS-E.

Maybe an IPGW in each segment can help you as well.

The systems which are dialing up these ips are able to dial e164 numbers or uris right?

Maybe you could introduce a number plan which maps a number to an ip address.

If the ip address is something like you could dial 001002003004

That's easily done with a regex.

I just tried to make me an alias 101 and made a lookup on the dns zone for an ip.

Dialed the alias and got connected to the IP, so that shall be doable.

Anyhow, as this is a special account I would talk to a Cisco engineer and ask him for help.


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