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Video / Audio Issues - CTS1300

Dean O'Meara


Hoping someone may have come across this issue before.

Customer has;

CTS: CTS 1.10.13(5) P1.
Conductor: XC3.0
TP Server: 4.1(1.79)

When the customer is using own kit they do not experience issues with Video / Audio however when they use our kit the call connects but receives no video / audio.

We have checked firewalls and nothing is being blocked, the logs on our TPS says it is a TIP/MUX negotiation failure.

I suspect this may have something to do with the version of conductor and TP Server we have as we are running a newer release and this could be causing the issue with the old CTS 1300 system.

Our versions;

Conductor: XC4.2

TP Server: 4.3(1.13)

I have had a look online to try compatibility matrix tables or anything that may tell me it is or isn't support but not found anything. 

Has anyone experienced an issue similar to this?


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Patrick McCarthy
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I suspect your problem is simply the version of code on the 1300. That version almost certainly predates Cisco acquisition of Tandberg six years ago and as a result is not going to be compatible with the TPS, which came from Tandberg.  Upgrade the software on the 1300 and you will most likely solve the problem. 

EDIT - confirmed - you need at least 1.6 to work with the TPS. Cisco doesn't even post anything older than 1.9 - you need to upgrade that unit.

Thanks for the reply Patrick.

We have managed to fix this by changing some settings within CUCM and also applying a quality template on the conductor.

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