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Video conferencing with Go-to meeting optiong

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Hi All,

I have been doing some searching recently about this requirement. I have raised this to Cisco pre-sales too. Still couldn't get a proper solution. Below is the scenario;

A customer who is looking for video conferencing solution for their meeting rooms. But the main requirement is that video conferencing display is to support touch based or URL browsing where the user can connect to any on-line webinars/meetings (using Citrix/web-ex/etc..). 

Also customer should connect to other video conferencing parties and still able to share his/her on-line meeting display with them.

Cisco was saying their MX300 G2 does not support these touch or browser based facility (though they have 10" touch-pad option available for MX300 G2). But a resolution given by them saying is to mirror the Laptop/PC to MX300 G2 , this also have a drawback where you cannot share your Laptop/PC camera and microphone with MX300 G2. 

We also have been evaluating a solution where smart TV as display and to have VCS + SX20. But not 100% sure about this since we haven't done any such projects. We are willing to go with any third-party options and/or integrations to this solution. 

Any one of you has gone through such requirements or know how to provide a suitable solution? 

Appreciate your thoughts in this.



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Stefan Biebl
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Hi raulkajen,


I'm not sure if i completely understand your requirements but a customer of us bought a "Mondopad" from here:

It is basically a Win8 with a Biiiig touchscreen and a piece of software on it.

They have a Video-Capable SIP-Client integrated in their software which we attached to CUCM. This worked pretty nice.

They told us they normally attach to VCS.


By far not the same Quality in Video and HW as the MX-Series or Profiles from Cisco, but perhaps this is the kind of 3rd Party solution you're looking for.






EDIT - having re-read your requirements, I'm posting my last sentence first -

I don't think you will find a videoconferencing endpoint/system that will be able to join with ALL/Any online meeting system such as Citrix/WebEx/GoToMyMeeting etc, as most of these are propitiatory and so the only way you will join is through the propitiatory client - which is usually either browser based or has a specific software client for a PC or MAC etc. I would also suggest that operating a PC type system in a meeting room environment is difficult to get working - it simply isn't designed for this purpose, they are personal system designed for a single person using a mouse/keyboard sat in-front of a screen.


However, I know this is a Cisco forum, but we have recently been trialling endpoints from StarLeaf (form the team that brought you Codian). They offer many hardware and software (PC, MAC, Mobile etc) endpoints all with the same interface, and the hardware endpoint are controlled via a nice touch screen interface (about the size of a desk phone).

Essentially this is a cloud based service, but with the back-end provided to you from the Codian guys, you can kind of this "well, this might be aright", and for the most part, it is. We do have a few niggles and comments, but in general its a very nice system and one that has got me particularly excited - more so than I have been in many years in the videoconferencing industry.

It can talk to standards based SIP and H.323 endpoints and one of the real nice features is that if you by a hardware device, ALL you users can then use the software endpoint FoC. I believe Lync integration is on the cards and creating an ad-hoc conference is real simple.

They also have an interesting pricing model, although don't be fooled by the monthly payment scheme, essentially this can be an upfront cost payable just like you would do when purchasing normal hardware, but it is very, very competitive.

I know I sound a bit like a StarLeaf sales guy, but I have no affiliation with the company, simply an admirer.





Hi Stefan and Chris,


Sorry for the delay and really appreciate your inputs. Been going through the solutions you have mentioned here and will follow up with the vendors.


At the same time, Do you guys have any opinions about VCS starter pack express with SX20 (Including HD display) solution (Considering that customer looking a standard video conference). 

Basic requirement as follows ;

        1. Maximum 4 party video call (This can be possible with SX20 multisite optional license)

        2. Content sharing via HDMI while on a conference call

I have been looking at new SX10, but this doesn't have multisite option and needs a conference bridge.

It would be great, if you guys have any other cost effective Cisco solution for the same.

Thanks for your time.