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Video constantly freezing

Yarin Ezra

Hello Cisco Community,

I'm coming from the VoIP world and i have a little knowledge of video endpoints.

One of my customers have an issue with their roomkits endpoint.

Their structure looks kind of like this:

The Roomkits register to Expressway C using protocol H323 which worked fine till last week,

there's two expressway C's and two E's that work together as a cluster.

the endpoints either register to C1 or C2 (Load balancing) and they communicate ONLY with zoomapp.

There's no calls between Endpoint within the company only from endpoint to zoom.

and their issue is during zoom calls, other participants sees the Roomkit Video with Freezes every second.

there isnt much load on the expressway resources maybe like 5% is being used.

i have no clue where to start debugging. and i need it as soon as possible and hopefully solve this.


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