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Webex Room Kit Pro with Sony camera

Ben Blumson
Level 1
Level 1

Hi all,


Has anybody successfully connected a Sony camera to the Webex Room Kit Pro codec and been able to control it via the Touch 10?  On past integrator codecs I'd connected a 8-pin mini din connector from VISCA In on the Sony camera to the DB9 camera control port on the codec (3000MXP, C40, C60, SX80) and could control it natively using the Tandberg/Cisco remote control or touch panel.  Worked fine without issue for years and years.


Now the Room Kit Pro doesn't have a camera control port, I'm wondering how to achieve this. I've been told to use the COM port with a Euroblock, so I've replaced the DB9 plug with a Euroblock and terminated it to match the Tx, Rx and GND on the Codec Pro but that isn't working.  Can't find anywhere on how to connect the supported Sony cameras (SRG-120DH and EVI-120DH) to the Codec Pro.  In the Release Notes it mentions a USB-A to Serial adapter for integrations but I haven't yet got the adapter to test this and I don't know if this will even do what I need.  Also for some reason the baud rate on the Room Kit Pro is hard set to 115200 and no other values are available for it.


Any great words of wisdom or am I trying to achieve the impossible?


Kind regards,



Update - got this working.  Flicked the Sony camera dip switch to IP and connected a LAN cable from it to the the Room Kit Pro.

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Magnus Ohm
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

This information is in the release notes for CE9, page 38