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Why is CUCM required for Jabber Guest? VCS Control and VCS Expressway Only possible?

Douglas Baggett

I was looking through the Jabber Guest documentation (10.5) and looking at call and media control, I'm not sure WHY you need CUCM. We don't have VOIP phones or endpoints registered to a CUCM. 

Why can't I just have Jabber Guest without it? Where is the actual technical requirement need (other than in the bullets stating so?)

thanks ahead of time!

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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Simply put, Cisco want's CUCM to become the central call control solution for voice and video, also for those that have VCS Control/Expressway to eventually migrate to CUCM.  Jabber Guest can work with VCS Control/Expressway without CUCM, but Cisco won't support it because of what I said above.

There is a Jabber Guest section in the forums, if you'd like to know more, suggest you move your discussion over there so those that work and support Jabber Guest will be able to answer your questions more in depth.  You can move your discussion by editing it, and then changing the categories at the bottom.

Thanks for the clarification. I understand about CUCM and where it's going. We are actually doing a pilot using CUCM with phone only.

Eventually the plan is to work in the Telepresence equipment, but that could be a ways out (6 months). 

With free Jabber video for Telepresence going away I'd like to have some way for people to come in to our MCU and room units. If I can deploy it without CUCM for now that would get me through the period until I can use CUCM.

"Jabber Guest can work with VCS Control/Expressway without CUCM"

Was told by one of the Cisco engineers this morning that it won't work without CUCM as this does the call mangling - been playing with 10.6 pre-relase and something tells me he's right. ;)


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Please rate replies and mark question(s) as "answered" if applicable.

Interesting, they might have changed it.  I know back when they first started Jabber Guest, when it was still called JabberC, those part of the EFT that didn't have CUCM could run a Jabber Guest server with just a pair of VCS's.  Either way, CUCM is required, doesn't matter how you try to look at it, that's Cisco's position to try to leverage CUCM more and more for video.

I have it running without CUCM now but from newer versions going forward they may enforce it to have CUCM.



Have you upgraded to the latest version? Does it still require CUCM?

Any luck with this?

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