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xCommand Provisioning Service Fetch

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I am trying to create a template in TMS that allows me to push a custom command that fetches and installs a macro
Scripting using API: - xCommand Provisioning Service Fetch Mode:Add URL: 'https://<YourPath>/'
What would be the correct format to do this? An example would be helpful.
I added my example but it was removed as an invalid HTML so I have added a screen shot of it instead
I am not sure if I have the correct syntax or not but I keep getting an error: (see attached screen shot)
Can someone provide guidance on this?
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Level 1

Any help on this is appreciated

Looks like it is complaining about that there is no checksum. I’ll try to dig up some information about this when at work tomorrow.

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This is what we have in CM for this.

Not sure what it would equate to in an xcommand.

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I just checked in a RoomKit and this is what I get when doing xCommand Provisioning Service Fetch ?

xCommand Provisioning Service Fetch

Checksum: <S: 0, 128>
ChecksumType: <SHA512> (default SHA512)
Mode: <Add, Replace> (default Add)
Origin: <Other, Provisioning> (default Other)
URL(r): <S: 0, 2048>

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What I am trying to do is put it in xml format and add it as a custom command for a template in TMS

Below is what I have and I am not sure what the correct syntax is as I get a missing parameter error:




When I SSH to the endpoint and put in the command it works perfectly

We had this setup in TMS back when we used it, but we don’t anymore, so I can’t unfortunately check on this in it. From what I recall we did not have it set as an xml string, but I’m not sure.

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