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Разница в Multiway и Multisite.


Как я понимаю оюа эти термина выполняют одни и те же функции(объединение участников в одну конференцию), но разными подходами и на разных устройствах..

Например Multisite реализован в endpoint'е SX20, является платным и позволяет подключать до 3 участнков.

Multiway может предоставляться как услуга внешними устройствами(MCU) и может подключать гораздо большее количество участников..

Поправьте меня, пожалуйста.. Мне кажется, что я что понимаю не верно.


Martin Koch

Hi Andrei!

This is a english spoken forum. Not sure if there is some localized one.

If google-translate gets it right you wonder about multiway vs. multisite.

Multiway is done in the infrastructure, multisite on the endpoint.

Both can have advantages and have disadvantages for your deployment.

Multisite is what you have on the endpoint.

* current systems support max 3+yourself video participants

* traffic is hairpinned to the endpoint

* you might need to buy license for that

* max resolution might be limited

* would not help you if you want JabberVideo or other soft clients to have a meeting in between each other

Multiway is when it is done in the infrastructure.

* requires VCS and MCU or TPS, the conductor is very helpful

* can support a bigger amount of participants at the same time

* media traffic is pinned to the MCU/VCS

* centralized management and placing of resources

* more features in the conference on  MCU/TPS/(conductor)

All current endpoints supoport multiway, but its an exclusive setting, so even if you have

multisite on an endpoint you have to choose which method to use to join calls.

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Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

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