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3241 ISDN Gateway--DTMF Relay Type & local vs. national signaling

Question 1:

Is there a way to configure the 3241 so that it will flag local vs. national call types on the d-channel appropriately?  The local TSP sees all calls flagged national..  They do accept both 7 and 10 digit formats for local calls so we set dialing rules to add the local area code (without a +1) to 7-digit numbers and that seems to work OK.

Querstion 2:

Does anyone know what type of DTMF relay is being used by the Cisco-acquired Tandberg/Codian 3241 ISDN Gateway?  I'm pretty sure the DTMF relay type is not configurable in that box.  Does this fall under the alphanumeric H.245 relay type? 

I have a customer that, for outbound long distance calls (Primarily ISDN voice, but some ISDN video), requires their ISP to provide a DTMF-based billing code service.  We've worked with the local TSP to verifiy what they are seeing on the switch and it looks like all digits are passing appropriately (although I also don't see any way to tell the Cisco 3241 GW to flag the call as Local vs. National

The PRI itself is provided through one local LEC and handed to a secondary TSP to provide the DTMF/billing solution.

The PRI has been works fine for local calls, but long distance (national) calls route throuth the primary provider and then pass to the secondary provider.  We've worked with the local TSP to verifiy what they are seeing on the switch and it looks like all digits are passing appropriately.  Logs from the ISDN gateway do not show opening any audio or h.245 channel, no 'biiling tone-prompt' is heard, and we cannot access/enable the touch tone menu on the endpoint during the time the ISDN GW is attempting to set up the call.  I suspect that either the billing code service is not turned up yet, but I'm hoping its is not a H323/H.245 and/or endpoint cpability that is preventing this from working.

In order to troubleshoot with the service provider I assume I'll need to know what DTMF type we are sending, I am hoping they could also tell me by debuggin the switch for any signaling they are receiving from us.

If anyone has any experience setting up similar service on CUCM i'd love to hear what was required on that system for DTMF relay, and if there is anything else I may need to ask the TSP


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