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3rd party microphones for Cisco Telepresence

I am looking for someone who has experience with 3rd party microphones in combination with Cisco Telepresence products. In my case is it a SX20 with mini Jack audio input and there I plan to use a XLS to Mini-JACK converter and than either two Cisco CTS-MIC-CLNG= Ceiling Microphone or two 3rd party microphones as alternative. Our customer is not happy with CTS-MIC-CLNG= because of its dimension.

I would need a 3rd party microphone for hanging ceiling supension with 360° opening angle.


Thanks t.svatek,

this is not what i wanted to hear, so 3pin extension cables would also not work in that case.

But I am a bit confused, how gets the SX20 microphone the 12V Power, it is still the same microphone than the C20 one. So i assumed the same plug and powering.

Actualyl i understood as follows:

C20 has phantom power through audio-+.

Sx20 has no phantom power through audio+-, but how the microphone can work then? Its the same microphone. will it gewt the power through R2 for Microphone Control?

I believe there should be any way to connect XLR microphone without need of an exernal phantom power supply, or not?

Thank you,




I suspect, that the original Microphone uses the voltage from R2 even on C20.

Darren was able to build a phantom power supply by using R2:

But I would recommend to get a ready made phantom power supply for around 50 €/$, because they provide 48V, which most microphones work better.




Hello Tino,

Thanks again for the answer.

This is bad to hear, as we bought also a lot of C20 microphone extension cables with 3pin mini jack plug which worked well for C20 (microphone control is not important because the users are familiar to use remote control), but the cables seem to be useless with SX20 now So another order of 4pin minijack extension cables is needed.

Bad step Cisco, I believe they want to prevent the use of 3rd party microphones and/or extension cables)

Kindly Regards,



Were you able to come up with suitable 3rd party microphones?  


Were you able to find 3rd party microphones that'll work with the SX20?  Have a customer who would like the ceiling mic for a small conference room, doesn't want the Cisco Ceiling mic.


Yes, you can use pretty well any 3rd party microhone with the SX20 if you interface it correcly as per any of the wiring diagrams provided in this discussion.

We use microphones from AKG, Shure and Audio-Technica in many of our installations.

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I use an Webex Pro Codec, no SX20.


With the wiring Diagramm for Mute Button (360R + 100R) only unmute Function is working.


When i connect the original Mic and use an 560R resistor to short mic und ground i can mute/unmute.

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