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8710 deployment guide?


I'm looking for a doc that covers setting up the 8710 blade in and MSE8000. The

Cisco TelePresence Server MSE 8710 Getting started doc seems to only cover the installation of the blade into the chassis, but not how to configure the blade to allow CTS endpoints to use this.


Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


How is your setup ? is it CTS ->CUCM -> VCS -> TPS 8710 ? sip trunk between CTS & VCS ?

If that's the case I can provide you a few suggestions




Correct, CUCM conected to VCS via SIP trunk. I assume just a neighbor zone to the 8000, but as I've never seen any documentation, any tips would be helpful.



Ok, there are a few things that you have to make sure that are configured correctly:

1. make sure that the call CTS ->CUCM -> VCS -> TPS 8710 it's a pure ISP-SIP call ( there is no intrerworking in the call path as this will not work if the call it's interworked)

2.  mnake sure that you do not have any bandwidth limitation on the call path ( CTS will support video only if the bandwidth it's above 768kbps.

3. check the "MPT required" setting on the CUCM - > VCS trunk configuration. This has to be disabled

4.  In order for an incoming or outgoing TS-CTS call to work, the endpoint currently needs to be preconfigured in the TPS User Interface ( on the endpoints list, as CISCO standard endpoint)

another few basic information can be found at :


First make sure your SIP trunk to the VCS is set up according to the VCS / CUCM deployment guide;

Then just register the TS to the VCS using SIP in the same way you would a normal endpoint, and if you create a conference and give it a numeric ID, this numeric ID should be registered with the VCS.

Assuming you're running at least TS 2.2, CUCM 8.5 and CTS 1.7.4, that's all you need to do - you should now be able to make calls between them. If you're running older versions of any of these then you'll need to preconfigure each CTS in the TS web interface before you can call it as Cristian says above - more details of this are available under "Support for TIP endpoint identification and ad-hoc TIP calls" in the TS 2.2 release notes,

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