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880 MXP dial out multisite issue

Hi all,

An 880 MXP of our customer rejects multisite calls (I mean a second call)  with response of "busy" when it receives multisite calls from other endpoints.

However it can establish multisite calls when the 880 MXP dials to other endpoints.

Ofcourse we have installed multisite option key on it and enabled multisite function.

Is there any misconfiguration on this 880 MXP ?

Best Regards,

Kotaro Hashimoto

Dharmesh Nandoria
Cisco Employee

Hi ,

Please check following configuration ,

xConfiguration Conference AllowIncomingTlphCall: On

xConfiguration Conference AllowIncomingMSCall: On

It should be on .

Kind regards,


Hi Dharmmesh,

Thank you for your information.

I got xstatus and xconfig of this 880 MXP and checked them.

The configuration you mentioned were both "on".

Is there any configuration else I should check?

Best Regads,

Kotaro Hashimoto

Does 1st call establish with 1152kbps?

I believe 1st call already allocated all bandwidth that 880MXP has and not able to accept new incoming call because there is no additional bandwidth available.

If first call establish lower than 1152kbps (for example 768kbps), you should able to connect 2nd incoming call.

BTW even 1st call allocated all bandwidth on T880MXP, T880MXP automatically down speed (if I remember correctly, BW split to 50%/50%) when “initiate” additional call from it.

Hi Taniguchi-san,

Thank you for your advise.

But we had already checked that by establishing 1st call  at 128kbps and confirmed that the issue was not resolved.

Best Regards,

Kotaro Hashimoto

Humm, interesting result which different from what I have seen in my lab.

Let me run few more tests and get back to you.

BTW, what software version are you using and are you able to post outcome of “xsta systemunit software” and "xconfig multi" commands?

Hi Taniguchi-san,

Outcome of “xsta systemunit software” is as follows:


       Version: "F9.1.2 NTSC"

       Name: "s50000"

       ReleaseDate: "2012-01-10"

       CameraSoftwareID: "30038"


         Telephony: 3

         VideoTelephony: 3

         TotalBandwidth: 1152

         ISDNBandwidth: 0

         LANBandwidth: 1152

         PresenterOption: True

         MultisiteOption: True

         StreamingSupport: True

         Encryption: True

And outcome of "xconfig multi" is as follows:

     *c xConfiguration Multipoint Mode: Multisite

     *c xConfiguration Multipoint MultiwayURI: ""

     *c xConfiguration Multipoint MultiwayMultiprotocol: On

     *c xConfiguration Multipoint MultiwayStartupPeriod: 1

And just to be sure, I upload xstatus and xconfig.

(some private information are deleted)

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards,

Kotaro Hashimoto

Humm, I re-tested with same software version and configuration as you posted but I can receive 2nd incoming call as long as Endpoint still have some free bandwidth even after 1st call established.

I suggest to open TAC case with syslog from Endpoint to identify what is causing your problem.

Hi Taniguchi-san,

Thank you for your help.

I will open SR.

Best Regards,

Kotaro Hashimoto

Is it registered to something like a vcs or gk? Maybe the admission control of your call control disallows it?
Which protocol do you use dialing in/out?

If its dual registered does it behave different dialing on sip instead of h323 or vice versa?

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Hi Martin,

Both endpoints are NOT registered with kind of GK.

I will update this discussion upon receiving information from TAC engineer.

Best Regards,

Kotaro Hashimoto

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