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Is there a list available on which monitors are approved by Cisco to use in combination with an integration package of the C-series?



Arun Kumar
Cisco Employee

Hi Stijn

You can use any monitor with C-Series which support either HDMI or DVI connectivity.


Hi, i have noticed for a long time that the c-series does not work well with most of the LCD's because it does not support CEC, only DPMS.

This makes the c-series unable to wakeup the monitor from standby mode.

Has there been any changes in the c-series that allows one to use CEC?

Here is a thread about this:

ps. there are some really nice LED-LCD displays on the market that could be used but only support CEC.

br. Tom

Justin Ferello


Just a note, some manufacturers are overclocking the refresh rate on their displays, to 120KHz or 240KHz instead of 60KHz.  When they do this it introduces a delay into the audio stream, effectively destroying the ability of the acoustic echo canceller to do it's job.  When this happens you will notice an echo when using the HDMI based audio.  You can resolve this issue by using external speakers, playing around with the settings on the disply or replacing the display with a commercial display, not a consumer display.

Here is a note directly from the Cisco C series admin guide on this issue:

New consumer TVs are usually equipped with “Motion Flow” or similar technology to insert new video frames between standard frames to create smoother images. This processing takes time and to maintain lip synchronization, the TV will delay the audio so that the audio and video arrives at the same time.

The echo canceller in the Cisco endpoints can handle such delay up to 30 ms. Many consumer TVs are not made for real time video communication and may introduce more than 30 ms of delay.

If you use such a TV together with a C-series codec it is recommended that you turn off “Motion Flow”, “Natural Motion” or any other video processing that introduces additional delay.

Some consumer TVs also support advanced audio processing like “Virtual Surround” effects and “Dynamic Compression” to improve the TV experience. Such processing will make any acoustic echo canceller malfunction and should hence be switched off.

Some monitors are equipped with a setting called ‘Game Mode’. This mode is specifically designed to help reduce the response time and will usually help to reduce the delay.



Thank you,
Justin Ferello
Technical Support Specialist, ScanSource KBZ
Michael Cornell

I am also searching for this mythical list of Cisco Webex Approved Displays (Monitors).

I've been told by my team lead that certain LG and some Samsung displays are Cisco Approved, but I can't seem to find any information in these forums, in the data sheets, installation manuals, user guides, etc....


I'm going to have to open a ticket to get a response I think.


Thank you.

Here is what I'm talking about, LG-Cisco Compatible monitors:

My team lead found the link we've all been looking for.


The information is inside the software release notes on PAGE 100:


All the best everyone!

Thanks a lot Michael Cornell.


You are very welcome!

NEC Display Solutions also has ranges for Cisco Collaboration certified displays.


* MultiSync V404, MultiSync V484 and MultiSync V554 (Full HD).

* MultiSync P404, MultiSync P484 and MultiSync P554 (Full HD).


* MultiSync C651Q, MultiSync C751Q, MultiSync C861Q and MultiSync C981Q (UHD).

* MultiSync V554Q, MultiSync V654Q, MultiSync V754Q, MultiSync V864Q and MultiSync C984Q (UHD).

* MultiSync P654Q and MultiSync P754Q (UHD).


... and all customisations, such as touch, protective glass and mirror glass solutions.




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