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Authentication on a VCS Controller

What version of VCS Controller code do I need to be on so that a Movi Client can registate to it using the local database?

I have a VCS at 6.1 currently but can upgrade them to 7.1 or 7.2.

We are having communications issues between the TMS server on the inside of the firewall to the VCS on the outside of a firewall(please do not tell me it is not supported)

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Authentication on a VCS Controller

Hello Richard!

To be honest, if it starts with "we have communication issues", I would recomend to review whats going wrong

first and see if there are not any other problems hiding.

Its not only the authentication, you need the "tms agent/opends" or TMSPE being up to properly map your users to

the provisioning database on the VCS.

If at least http/https works in between the TMS and the VCS  you could look into TMSPE which requires

at least TMS13.2 and X7.1 (but I would go with the latest currently available).

Anyhow, what do you think about asking a Cisco Partner to send you a consultant to review your setup

and helps you getting it up properly.

Good success!

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Cisco Employee

Authentication on a VCS Controller

For provisioning, there are two method, Legacy TMS Agent and TMS Provisioning Extension.

Legacy TMS Agent use port 8787/8989 for data replication between TMS and 4444 for administration.

New provisioning method, TMS Provisioning Extension, use port 80/443 (depend on replication port configuration).

VCS X6.1 only support Legacy TMS Agent for provisioning deployment which might have more challenge for firewall configuration.

Highly recommend upgrade your VCS to X7.2.1 and migrate provisioning to TMS-PE then allow http/https link on firewall between TMS and VCS.

X7.2.1 software for VCS is available from

TMS-PE deployment guide is available from

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