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Automated backup of VCS configuration

How can I set up an sheduled config backup  of the VCS on regulary basis ? Saving a file to an external server.


Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee

It seems that there is no automated backup option. On the VCS doing the backup from the Web interface may be the easiest method. Alternatively you can SSH into the VCS as Admin and type "xconfig". That will output all of the VCS configuration. To load that you would copy the config and paste it back into SSH. However it might be possible to write a script for the API to run the xconfig. There are some posts on our Cisco support community regarding the same, like the ones below

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To have the xconfig (as well as the xstatus) is an easy way to get most of the configuration out of the VCS/Expressway. This can be done via ssh (returns a plain text file) or a simple web request to the API (returns a XML page which might be harder to handle).


Anyhow, this does not store all information of the devices. I wrote me some script to

download the configuration archive as if you would do a manual download from the website,

so its at least possible. From how I see it there is still no API request to download the

full backup (which contains all configuration incl. ssh/ssl keys, ...)


What I would recommend you to do is to file a feature request for a simple api call to archive this.


The only full backup for now has to be done (manually) via backup/restore on the VCS/Expressway webinterface.


A backup is fine, but I would recommend also to try a restore, so you know how it works ;-)


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Hi Martin.

Do you still have this script ?

Kindest Regards


Claus -

There is an example online here: Automate Cisco Video Communication Server configuration backups, someone wrote a script to take a configuration backup of the server.  Restoring the configuration automatically would depend on the formating of the backup.

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