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Backing up and Restoring Configuration Codian MCU/TMS


We recently received a RMA MCU and about to replace the defective unit tomorrow.  I need to know what is the proper procedure to backup and restore configurations for our Codian 4510 MCU? 

The MCU is in TMS and reoccuring meetings scheduled on it and if we upload the backup configs will it restore all the scheduled meetings?

Below are the steps I will follow:

Backup configs (network and user settings) through the web interface of the MCU under Settings-Upgrade

Install replacement MCU

Use console cable and configure same IP addresses as the defective unit

Login into the web interface

Upload backup config

Go back to TMS and verify connections

Please let me know I'm missing a step.

Codian MCU 4510

Software version is 4.2(1.46)

TMS 13.1.2                   




Re: Backing up and Restoring Configuration Codian MCU/TMS


just in case I would also do a backup of the new mcu when you get it (and possibly to a texy copy

and screenshot (mcu webinterface settings/upgrade) of the keys loaded on the mcu.

They are in the config not sure if they get overwritten.

The new MCU most likely comes with a newer software version. If you have problems with the old config

you could either try to upgrade the old mcu (not sure whats wrong with that ne) or see if you can downgrade the new one

and then upgrade it to the latest again.

Also check that you have the same keys / features on the new one, not sure if you need to transfer anything

license wise, check with your cisco partner or on or mail

If you can reach the mcu on a different ip you can also upload the config and it can set the ip via the restored

config as well. Check that the new mcu is in the same network and if you set the old ip, that the old mcu is removed.

After that I would do a force refresh  on the TMS. I could picutre that TMS might behave different

depending on how your "track by" config is. If its by ip it should directly work, if by mac address

I would guess a new system is added and you would have to use the replace function.

You could also delete and add it new but then all call statistics and future booked meetings would be gone.

Did you directly do an RMA or do you have a TAC case, if you have a SR then just ask if TAC

has a RMA procedure guide and you could share that info / experience with us :-)

Good success!

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Please remember to rate helpful responses and identify

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