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Best Methodology for troubleshooting dropped SIP (Jabber/MOVI) calls to expressway?


I have a user who teleworks every Friday from home using Movi/Jabber dialed into an 8710 through an expressway and VCS. 

Every so often we'll get a Friday where she gets dropped 3 or 4 times a day (she is persistent all day, the equivalent of a virtual secretary). 

I'm curious as to what best methods, steps everybody uses to troubleshoot this sort of thing. Obviously there are logs, but also packet captures, etc. What do you look for in that sort of situation? What stands out in your experience. 

What are the circumstances where Jabber/Movi will drop a call?


thanks ahead of time!


Douglas,I would start with


I would start with trying to determine where the issue lies such as in your network, the Expressway, the 8710 or possibly your companies network. By doing so you would be correct in taking logs from your computer and expressway simultaneously. If nothing stands out in the logs, then a packet capture would be the next step. Once again captures and logs much be captures on all devices used to determine where the problem lies.




I'll also add - where is she

I'll also add - where is she remoting in from? Is this a residential location? Is it via a home WiFi connection?



Home with FIOS on a wired

Home with FIOS on a wired connection.


FIOS - I take it that this is

FIOS - I take it that this is Fibre (from Google)?

Anyhow, is this regular in interval? Running, capturing and analysing a trace at her end might be fun......

No, FIOS is Verizon's fiber

No, FIOS is Verizon's fiber to the home product.


Sorry, I meant I had to

Sorry, I meant I had to Google FIOS to find out what the product was (not based in the US so had no idea what it was), not that it was supplied by Google.

Oh no prob. On the trace

Oh no prob. On the trace issue. That's going to be tough. I'm guessing what you mean is running some sort of packet capture at her physical location? 


If she is the only one

If she is the only one experiencing the issue then its either Verizon or something in her home that is doing it.  Is there a specific time when it drops after she connects?

Yes, you will need to capture a log or run wire shark at her location.  You can probably skip the wire shark trace since by default Movi is encrypted so you won't see anything, unless someone turns it off on the VCS.

Movi has its own logs located in its profile directory somewhere.  By default it is set to capture minimum logs.  You can edit the sip text log I believe and set it so it captures at a higher level.  Then you can have her replicate the problem and then view the logs. I don't remember the steps from the top of my head, but you can probably find it on the forums or Google it.


Movi logs are actually fairly good since it captures and displays a lot more info than regular endpoint logs.  Although you will still need to know how to read SIP signaling in order to interpret the logs.

Most likely her Router or Verizon network is causing the issue.  If the problem has recently started, that would rule out the router. If its always been there, you could always upgrade the firmware and make sure packet inspection is turned off or see if verizon will let her replace the router. If I had to guess based on the symptoms, her Verizon Router may be doing it.



Thanks for the suggestions. I

Thanks for the suggestions. 

I don't think it's our network or the 87010 since I've connected to it for days without any problem. Also, other users are not being dropped. 

All this points to something with her ISP (FIOS) or her local setup. Question is, what is next? What conditions have to happen for a SIP with MOVI/jabber to drop? She's wired and not wireless at home, so I can factor that out. 

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