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Billling telepresence cdr s for customers

Hi guys,

Our customer going to serve cloud based telepresence systems, such as cts endpoints, Jabber video endpoints and Cisco VCS endpoints.

Tms is going to manage these endpoints. As I know tms generates cdr logs.

I wondered is there any solution for billing, like customer portal. Like third party CUCM billing systems ?



Paulo Souza
Rising star

Hi Baris,

TMS has support to use billing code to generate reports. You can do that simply using billing code option when scheduling a new conference, it will allow you to separate the reports. But be aware that TMS does not offer a page like a customer portal, the reporting page of TMS is not proper to end user, it is designed to be used by administrators. Furthermore, consider the following:

  • When you have an environment with only Tandberg endpoints registered to VCS, you can use TMS to collect CDR from endpoints and gatekeepers normally, it works very well. In this kind of scenario, TMS is a nice tool to generate reports using billing codes.

  • However, when you have immersive telepresences, such as CTS and TX endpoints, for example, you will have to registered them to CUCM, and that is a problem, because actually TMS is able to be integrated with CUCM in order to control endpoints and schedule call, but it is not able to collect CDR from CUCM, therefore you are not going to be able to generate reports by using TMS reporting feature. You will need to have an external tool to collect CDR from CUCM and generate the reports.

The integration between TMS and CUCM has some blind points, in my opinion. I believe that Cisco is going to improve it, but I cannot say that for sure.


Paulo Souza

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Hello Paulo,

Thank you for reply. I know most of them that you mentioned. But I need a customer portal application for cloud services solution that I need for end user. I don' t know is there any solution for that. Otherwise we have to make new tailored solution.




I don't think Cisco has this kind of solution, probably you will have to develop a solution or try to find a product from a third company.


Paulo Souza

Paulo Souza Was my response helpful? Please rate useful replies and remember to mark any solved questions as "answered".
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