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c 60 with 3 camera and content Server

Yasir Vistro

hi All

We have C 60 with software version TC3. We connect 3 cameras. 1st  2 Camera connect on HDMI working fine, 3rd one  connect on BNC  how I select the source to Camera 3 ?

We have contect Server, is it any option on contect  Server  Fix the timing  Start recoding and End Recoding ?

Yasir Vistro        

Yasir Vistro

Dear Teck

BNC  out for  IN Video Modulator... only AV INPUT in modulator.

as for Camera concern ... The distance between 3rd Camera and Codec approx  80 feet.  .


Yasir Vistro

Yasir Vistro

There are some ways to transport hdmi/video signals over long distances, ask an AV integrator how to handle such long distances.

With the BNC out on the C60 you do not get a good video quality as its max. PAL(sd),

so you really want to look into either using hdmi, dvi, vga or replacing the monitor.

As you connected 4 sources, they will not work at the same time and you might face limitations

regards what you can do with the C60 without an external control device (and/or an external video switcher).

A C90 might be also of interest for this kind of setup

I would strongly recommend that you search for a Cisco (most likely an old Tandberg) Partner with

AV, integration and programming skills to help you here.

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