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C Series codecs - not locally caching phonebooks


I hope you can help.

I have a customer who has both MXP and C Series codecs.

He uses TMS to provide server hosted phonebooks to the endpoints. If TMS becomes unavailable, after about 10 seconds the MXP endpoints locally cache a copy of the phonebooks. This doesnt work for the C Series codecs they have.

Is there a way this can be set up?

Is this also the same with the E Series codecs?

Also, where is it that TMS stores the phonebooks? (I'm relatively new to this so if thats a stupid question thats why)

Many Thanks


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Cisco Employee

C Series codecs - not locally caching phonebooks

MXP Endpoint support “local”, “global” and “corporate” phonebook.

C-series and EX-series Endpoint support “local” and “corporate” phonebook.

The “corporate” phonebook is on-line and live phonebook service from TMS (support folder base phonebook).

The “global” phonebook is text base phonebook created on TMS and download to Endpoint.

So if TMS is out of service, C-series and EX-series Endpoint won’t able to access phonebook unless have local phonebook.


C Series codecs - not locally caching phonebooks

Thanks for your response

Is there a way we can we retrieve the global phonebook as text file from the endpoint so we can build up the local xml file for it? I suppose that way we wont have to build a manual pb.xml file manually for each endpoint.

Can you recommend another way of saving the phonebooks for the C series and EX series codecs when TMS is offline?

Cisco Employee

C Series codecs - not locally caching phonebooks

Hi Luke

Unfortunately EX and C series does not support global (downloaded phonebooks). The only way is to build up the pb.xml and distribute this to the endpoints. But the pb.xml is limited to 100 entries or 99, I cannot remember exact.

I guess one way to see the entries in a flat list.. is to start a tcp dump on the codec from root, then request the phonebook from TMS to the endpoint. Once done stop the capture and look for the entries, it should be listed in one of the packets. Assuming you are using http and not https as the https is encrypted.

Another thing you could do is to create a file based phonebook source on the TMS server, then create a phonebook, add all the sources you want to export from, then add the file based phonebook source to the same phonebook and choose "Import to TMS and export to source"

Now when you open the file you chose to synch this source with you will see a list of all the contacts. However you cannot load this on the endpoints. I just thought you can use it as a reference to create the pb.xml. Other than this its not possible to do what you want to do in this case. Make sure TMS does not have down time



C Series codecs - not locally caching phonebooks


Cheers guys. I think I will be taking advantage of this support forum more often!

Thanks again


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