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Anthony Chan

C-Series Event Logs

Question on the event logs being kept in the C-Series,  in MXP codecs when someone does a hard reboot or the unit reboots itself the logs are lost as compared to when it is a soft reboot.  I see the C-Series logs have current and historical.  at what circumstance does it get moved from current to historical?  I have a C-series that rebooted itself automatically and the current logs did not move over to historical thus the innformation is lost. 

Am I missing something here?


John Regan


On the C series all current logs should be zipped up to a file on reboot, as long as someone has not just turned the system off from the mains switch, so in the event of a unexpected restart or the user rebooting the system correctly (restart from remote, touch panel or API) the information should be saved.

If you go to the web interface and diagnostics -> historical logs and choose the log.tar.gz this should be the file containing all the current log files from before the last reboot.  The other files with .1 and .2 etc are in a random order so you would have to look at the timestamps to find the one you wanted if the system has been rebooted mulitple times.

If the file log.tar.gz was not created as you say can you say what version of the software you were running?


Am running version TC3.1.4.247432 on a C-Series C60

Correction is that I do get the tar files as well but I do not get the current logs prior to the reboot

as for reboots, what you are saying is that if someone comes along and power off the main switch the logs will not be saved?  We are having issues where the codec freezes and soft reboot does not work thus needing a power off main switch

What happens to unexpected restarts of the codec, are the logs saved?

So the behaviour is similar to that of the MXP but the MXP does not give you historical logs, meaning that if hard reboot (power off main switch) all logs are gone but if soft reboot, the event logs are still there


OK my first recommendation would be to upgrade to a more recent release if possible if you are getting these issues.  TC4.2.2 is just released and TC5.0 with a few weeks (You would need a release key to upgrade).  If these problems persist I would recommend opening a support case with Cisco.

I have not seen a system just freeze so that is unusual and in that case if you switched it off then it would be possible that the current logs would not be zipped up.

If you open the tar file then look under eventlog folder you should see all the current logs files from the last session.

In an unexpected restart the codec will take the current logs and put them into the historical log section after being zipped.

The logging with C series is far superior to the MXP, as the only log we had on MXP was the eventlog with limited information and no timestamps so you could not see if the error messages within were relevant to the problem experienced.  The C series has lots more information for us, the logs are by no means perfect and we are working on making these more easily readable in future releases.


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