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Steve Deslandes

C20 Factory Default with power button

Can you confirm if doing a factory default on a C20 using the power button does a factory default on it's web interface password as well?


Hi Steve,

Just to rephrase the process :

Turn the C20 off by pressing the physical reset button. Now hold the physical reset button for 15 seconds, the LED will start blinking red. Release the button and push it twice within the next 5 seconds (the led will turn green on each push). The LED will start blinking green and the factory reset will begin. The C20 will come up again with factory defaults.

Regarding your question, the answer is YES, it should wipe out the Web Interface Admin Password and restore it to the default password.

Please follow and let us know if you face any issues.


Mubashshir Akhtar

Thanks Mubashshir Akhtar

I just did a test, and you are right! The password does get reset but NOT to factory default. The factory default is TANDBERG but it doesn't change it to that. All it does is make the password BLANK. Therefore, it's important that users RE-CREATE the admin password after a factory default, otherwise, you can log into the device with any password or no password at all. Can you please confirm my findings?


Hi Steve,

the system is delivered with a default user account with username admin and no password set. this user has full access rights to the system.

so i believe when you do a factory reset on C 20, it will automatically restore it to above settings with no password.

after factory reset, user can change admin password with from GUI or API.

Hi Steve,

As already informed my Amit, when you restore the codec to factory default settings, the default admin account settings are restored to the codec.

Now your findings are correct to some extent. You can login to the default administrative account in two ways;

username: admin & blank password

username: admin & password: TANDBERG

Both of these will log you to the same account. However, if you log in with any other credential other than the above, the login will fail.

Hence, it would not allow anyone to login if they are not using any of the above credentials.

Hope this answers your question.


Mubashshir Akhtar

Thanks Mubashshir Akhtar

For TC software, default login is admin and no password. TANDBERG is default password for MXP.

The default password is blank which means it should be changed before the system is put to use.




I have a C20 running TC4.1, and I attempted to reset to factory settings using the procedure you described and failed twice. The red light blinks while I press the power button, then it blinks green each time I press it again, but the configs remain in tact. Can you advise? Is there no means to accomplish this via Telnet or the web interface?



Hi Daniel,

you can perform factory reset through  telnet ( i believe TC 4.1 dont have option to do it through web interface, however it is possible above TC 5

telnet procedure: can be performed by below command

xCommand systemunit FactoryReset Confirm: Yes

Special note:

Before factory reset, write down the codec option key's they will be reset as well.

Or download them from the Cisco licence site.

Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPad App

EX, C20 solution (TC5.0 and earlier):

-          Press and hold the on/off button for 10 seconds, LED does not light up.

-          After 10 seconds the LED starts blinking (1 second ON, 0.5 seconds OFF).

-          Within the next 2 seconds press twice on the on/off button.

-          Call LED lights up continuously while “factory reset” is being performed (minimum 3 seconds).

-          System boots up as normal.

EX, C20, SX20 solution (TC5.1 and later):

-          When the unit is off, press and hold the power button.

-          Wait until the power LED goes dark and then light up again (approximately 10 seconds).

-          Then release the power button and press it twice within 2 seconds.

-          The system boots up and display a confirmation message on the video screen if the process was successful.

See page 24 here for a detailed walk-through:

Factory reset wipes everything EXCEPT release keys and option keys, so there is no need to write this down.

Hi Mubakhta,

Please we have c20 VC Unit which only displays Cisco on the screen. The Tandberg C20 VC Unit has been reset, but only diplayed Cisco on the screen.

Kindly assist with possible solution and what we can do next.


Thank you






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