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C40 input scaling effects layout options?

Hi there,

I have an issue in a room I support that has a C40 codec installed, along with a Crestron control system and Altona HDMI switcher. It's a single display system with multiple source inputs via the switcher.

In other C40 systems, when presenting desktop material from a PC, we've set the control systems to use the Single mode layout option, which presents us with a 4:3 (or close to) representation of the PC with our camera sources tiered one above the other on the right of the screen. This gives us maximum real estate for the destop at the near end while maintaining camera contact.

In the room I'm having issues with Single mode doesn't show any far end video, just the presentation and, if selected, the near end video as PiP. A little experimenting with different connections and I can get the desired layout when I connect a laptop to the DVI input using a D-Sub ("VGA") to DVI-A cable, but not when either using the HDMI input (the second camera input) or converting the HDMI signal to DVI-D and using the DVI input. My clients aren't happy with the reduced real estate other layout options affords, or the overlay option.

My suspicion is that the HDMI switcher has been configured by the installer to scale all signals to 16:9 format, most likely at 1080p, and I'm wondering if this has an effect on the layout options and, if so, where I can find documentation to present to my installer to have him rectify the issue.

Any input (ha ha!) is greatly appreciated... I'm catching quite a bit of heat for this one.


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