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C40 not booting

Having problems with our TelePresence Intergrator C40. I wasn't present for the change, but another tech changed the IP, GW, etc and rebooted through the web interface. Once it rebooted it never came back up. Connecting to the codec serial port I get the following message:

Couldn't connect to TANDBERG software.

I've attached the full boot sequence. Any ideas of how I can get an OS uploaded or to fix this?

My hands are tied, not getting a response from the vendor, I took over this system which was put in place 3 months ago and I'm unable to get ahold of the people that coordinated the install. The S/N is registered to another support contract not covered under any of my contracts associated with my profile when trying to open a TAC and I'm getting alot of heat to get this thing fixed ASAP.

Thanks for any help!


Teck Chye Tang
Cisco Employee


Try connecting a serial cable to the codec and reboot the codec. Stop the boot by pressing 'b' and 'c'( you should see the instruction on yr pc screen) then you should see the AMERICA > prompt.

Type selectsw and you should see 2 image. Try to select and boot up from the non active one. E.g If image 1 is the current active one, the you choose Omar 2 by sending this selectsw image2, then reboot your codec to see of it boots up.

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As steps mentioned by Teck will work if you have their are two software on your system, please let us know, if above worked for you or not.

There is another way through which we can store new software, let me know i can mail you files required and steps to complete process.


Hi Vivsing

My C20 not booted and even ethernet lan port not light! How can I sole

Ve this issue please.?



Hi All,

i have same problem on C20, when try selectsw command i found only one image" image1 active"

how can I store the new software to the device?


Ahmad Hassan


So your codec cannot boot up properly or is it in a constant reboot state?

Can you ssh/scp to the unit and try to remove the config.db file and see if that helps.

Else, send me your email and can email the files and steps to you to use tftp to transfer files to the codec.

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The device didn’t boot at all, the front led keep flashing green.

Can you send me the file and the steps to load the software.

Best Regards,

Ahmad Hassan

Best Regards

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I have sent the details to you to your email.  Please try and feedback.

Can you send me those details also?

Having the same issue with a C40, but I do see both image1 and image2 (active 2), now if I try to make image 1 active it just keeps rebooting and image 2 gives me the error "Couldn't connect to TANDBERG software".

I'll probably call into tech support within the hour if I don't hear back.

Justin alexander

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Hi Justin,

Please use serial cable and break boot process using

prompt b and c

type following command

  • setenv othbootargs noboot allowroot

after that login as root

type cd /mnt/base/active

rm config.db

and reboot your codec

I had that same issue back in Dec where two of my brand new C60 codecs acted in the same similar fashion

it kept rebooting

btw what does removing the config.db do?  does it refresh the system?

would you be able to send me those steps as well just in case another codec acts this way and i wont be in frantic to get the  unit back up or count on the active responses from my supplier

our resolution at that time was for Cisco to send us to new units as we needed to get the system up in the next two days and they were brand new units so not sure what happened?



Let me provide all steps:

1  Connect a serial cable to the system at 38400, 8, N, 1

2  Reboot the system, and hold b until “Press 'b' to enter u-boot” message appears

3  Press c to stop auto boot, then SATURN> or AMERICA> or anyname> prompt will return.

4 type command setenv othbootargs noboot allowroot then hit enter this will not return anything

5 type boot or reboot, this will reboot codec

Till this step you stoped codec to move into boot cycle and will enable root login without password

6. After codec completed reboot cycle, then it will prompt for login: login with root

7. type command: cd /mnt/base/active

6. type command: rm config.db

this is one of the wat through which you can refresh your codec and it's high level factory reset

7. type command: boot or reboot

8. After this you can login in codec after system come up from reboot

Let me know if oyu required anyother detail and please rate as well.


Hello Vivek,

I get to it until step 5 but the codec will not come back with a prompt as you mention in step 6.  I just want to remove the config.db file.

Hi Jo,

Please provide me last line which you are getting on screen, where it stuck.



Hello Vivek,

I have a C40 that constantly reboots.

I follow your procedure but after the commnad "setenv othbootargs noboot allowroot " I tryed to boot but I received the message: "

Wrong Image Format for bootm command

ERROR: can't get kernel image! Wrong Image Format for bootm command
ERROR: can't get kernel image!"

And now? Can you help me?


Paulo Ferreira

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