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C40 not booting


Having problems with our TelePresence Intergrator C40. I wasn't present for the change, but another tech changed the IP, GW, etc and rebooted through the web interface. Once it rebooted it never came back up. Connecting to the codec serial port I get the following message:

Couldn't connect to TANDBERG software.

I've attached the full boot sequence. Any ideas of how I can get an OS uploaded or to fix this?

My hands are tied, not getting a response from the vendor, I took over this system which was put in place 3 months ago and I'm unable to get ahold of the people that coordinated the install. The S/N is registered to another support contract not covered under any of my contracts associated with my profile when trying to open a TAC and I'm getting alot of heat to get this thing fixed ASAP.

Thanks for any help!



I change folder name to:

C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\Cisco TFTP Server\pkgfile

ok, then make sure all the required files are in the folder.  you might want to try to re-download the TC software and try again.  Assuming your tftp server is set up correctly and the server root directory is pointing to the server.

If still cannot, you might want to consider opening a TAC case for the TAC to assist you maybe over a web-ex session

still same problem, - I just download new




How we can meet web-ex session?


Raised a TAC case with Cisco and any available TAC will be able to advise you on troubleshooting over web-ex

Hi again, I uploded software sucessful - Just install SolorWind TFTP server and everything become good. So Thanks for help

Hi All,

I was approached by one of the customers to get a link of the document. I see that the link which is pasted here has been removed. Just updating the thread with the latest document that can be used for this method. Please refer to the following link:

Please refer to the following link for the whole procedure.


Mubashshir Akhtar
TelePresence Solution Group

Thanks Mubashshir Akhtar

Hi Mubashshir

I am also need pkgextract.elf  and u-boot file

Can you provide access to

or send these files to

I received from my C20 next:

ERROR: can't get kernel image!

br Oleksandr


sent to your mail.


Hi Teck

I did it. C20 is online again.

Many thanks.

br Oleksandr

hello I HAVE a C60, need these files: pkgextract.elf u-boot.ini my email:

did you received the files or you still need those?


Can you please send me these instructions? We have another customer with the same c20 problem.



  • •1.       Turn off codec
  • •2.       Connect to COM with straight through serial cable
  • •3.       Open terminal session on PC
  • •4.       Turn On / boot the codec
  • •5.       Within a second of two of seeing something on screen
    • •a.       Type B – then press ENTER
    • •b.      Type C - then press ENTER
    • •c.       You should get a prompt that looks like this (AMERICA>)
  • •6.       To switch the software to a different image
    • •a.       Type selectsw
    • •b.      You should then see Image 1 & image 2
    • •c.       Select the NON-active image by typing - selectse imageX
  • •7.       Reboot the codec and see see what happens


Hi. I need these files:



From where can I download it? Or can you just send me it via e-mail ( The hardware is Codec c90

Thanks in advance


Can someone tell me where to get the pkgextract.elf and u-boot.ini files?

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