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C40 + Touch : Presentation Preview

Hello All,

We have several rooms with C40 codecs (version 5.1.0),   attached are the 8" Touch Control,  Dual 52" Screens.   Also attached is a conference room PC. via DVI, into the codec.


Strangely,   when you tap "Presentation" on the Touch Controller,   the "right-side" 2nd screen does not flip over to the PC input to give you a Preview of what you're about to be presenting before sending it thru the VC system.     You actually have to tap "Present" for it to flip over to the PC.    

The problem we have is,  in some VC meetings, we would like the ability to pull up a document on the PC / 2nd screen, without having to send the presentation over it.

I know 100% for certain that I've seen my sales rep do this on his EX90 w/ 8" touch system.   He presses "Presentation" and it pulls up a preview window on his 2nd monitor, before he actually presses "Present" to send it across.

I believe the C40 codec should have this functionality.

Please Advise -- Thanks in advance!!


Hi Jonathan,

You are absolutely correct in your evaluation that it is possible to achieve this on Ex series endpoints however, just a correction on it is that you don't have to even press the Presentation option on the Touch to see it. It automatically detects when DVI port is connected and it shows up on the screen.

Would like to inform you that the Ex series are Personal endpoints meant for Desks, they are designed to be also used as outputting your PC for viewing as opposed to C series. C40 is an integrator package and it is designed for meeting rooms and boardrooms and this is the reason why it does not start showing the presentation once it is connected. I believe you can work with the Accounts team to open a feature request for this if you require it.

Hope this helps. Please rate the answer by using the stars below this post.


Mubashshir Akhtar

Thanks Mubashshir Akhtar

Hello Mubashshir,

Thanks for your reply.    

Indeed,  I do realize that the EX is a personal desktop system, versus the C series codecs being integration devices.   I was just referring to their functionality with the Touch devices being very similar.

Are you saying that the ability "preview" a presentation before "presenting" it is not a capable function in the C40??   If so, that sounds very strange.  Why would you have that ability on the EX systems, but not the higher-power C codecs?

Also - as far as a Feature Request... we've purchased our conference systems through a reseller.  To whom do we need to be speaking to to have this feature added?   This is a major issue at the moment.... and is holding up several other install/deployments that I have planned.

Hi Jonathan,

I understand your situation. The reason I mentioned  the difference between the integrator and the personal endpoint was to  point out that an integrator system requires privacy and hence was  designed not to show the presentation to the whole meeting room as soon  as the DVI was plugged in as opposed to Ex series which is personal and  does not require privacy.

In order to open a feature  request, you would need to ask your reseller to contact his Cisco  Accounts Manager who would help out in opening up a feature request.

Please  let me know if you have any additional questions.


Mubashshir  Akhtar

Thanks Mubashshir Akhtar
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