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C40 with VCS, remote side view video fading



I have a C40 registered with VCS, and VCSE configure to dial outside, camera is HD 1080p  the issue is the next.

When I set a videoconference with the remote site , in my site I can see very clear remote  video but remote site view 50% of the video fading, I don't know why.

I try with jabber acccount (cisco service) and  I have no problem, in both sides video is good.

resolution in my codec  c40 is 1280X720 60fps, I attach the screen shot  how remote site view my video.

any suggestion?



Hi Filiberto,

Is the C40 working as it should with internal endpoints? Do you get clear picture in any circumstance with the C40?

The first thing that hits me when you see these kind of issues, is the (public) firewall configuration. Do you see much jitter, packet loss in the call (on call status page)?

It could be a strict H.323 configuration on your network. As you say this works perfectly with Jabber (SIP). Could you perhaps try to call with SIP from the C40 to the remote site, and see if you get a better picture (and stats) then? If so, you should disable any H.323 fixup (inspection) on your firewall, and H.323 calls should work as well.

Hope this helps,


Hi Arne,

Thanks a lot for your comments.

I clear the issue after setting resolution "auto" :-)


Hi Filiberto,

Thanks for the response. I'm glad you sorted it out.

And yes, you should fist check the compatibility on the systems before expecting resolutions XxYp. Auto is normally the best setting for screen resolutions.



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