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mwg Beginner

Call out works fine but can't get call in

                   This is on a Tandberg 3000 MXP Profile.

problem is for sure related to getting the correct settings into the router but no one here seems to know what happened to the manual. The  unit is about 4  or 5 years old but seldom used.

We did have it on a dedicated IP coming in from a T1 Modem.  It is now on a inside private IP with the public IP programmed to the Router.  I can call out and get perfect video and audio but cannot receive any calls.  Which makes sense but I have no idea which ports to forward to the unit or if I should set it inside DMZ.  Also would I get any better performance using SIP or just leave it as is?

If someone has a simple answer for this I would appreciate it.  We do not use the unit often enough for me to remember from month to month if any changes need to be made, 

Additionally, I just noticed that "Jabbervideo" is now available on this unit ( I THINK that is what I read)  and I wondered if I needed to do any flash updates to the firmware for ours to be able to use it.  And if so, where to download them. 

Thanks for any advice.


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Call out works fine but can't get call in

so I guess you don't use VCS or any other GK for this unit. how do you call out? are you dialing by IP address of the destination endpoint?


Call out works fine but can't get call in

I presume you're just doing direct IP address calling using H323 and the system is unmanaged.

It's best to just put it on a DMZ so it's connected directly to the public internet. You may need to use the codecs NAT.

Strongly recommend trying to go forward and purchasing a VCSc / VCSe (both) and TMS so you can manage your video network, use E164 and URI dialling (H323 and SIP), use Cisco Jabber and manage more codecs as you get them on your public IP connection.

mwg Beginner

Re: Call out works fine but can't get call in

To answer both of you, the issue is now one of whether it is a unit worth keeping.  It works fine.  And has worked fine on every occasion we needed it.  The outbound calls we made to other IP's belonging to the people we had meetings with,  9 out of 10 ties we let them call us as we don't have but one unit and the people calling may be going through various gatekeepers etc.  Some were Polycom units, Some Tandberg etc.  The worst problem we ever had was with a Polycom Audio Codec and they changed their end.

I have made numerous test calls to a lot of tests sites today and seen perfect pictures of empty rooms and hallways .  Unfortunately, only one site offered a callback and when I did not get one I had no idea if that is a problem or not. But I cannot wait for an important VC to come up and then find out that we are set up in a dial-out only arrangement and it may happen that the client cannot accept incoming unless we pre-authorize through a gatekeeper .  (This has happened before).

So we usually let them call us via static IP.  Unfortunately, that is now the one thing I cannot verify is working.  I don't know anyone I can just call up and ask them to call me back to see what kind of error they get or if they actually get through.  That one callback site Iused could be a problem itself for all I know.

>>>Craig<<  Re: The Cisco Jabber.  That was an accidental discovery that I was delighted to find.  Only to have my hopes dashed by being told the 3000MXP is slmost EOL.  I would have to purchase another service agreement just to ASK a tech if it would work on there (Or so I was told).  We don't use the unit enough to justify that especially if we are about to be so far behind the times that the money would be better spent on newer hardware.  I liked what I read about the Jabber and I have been telling the owners for almost a year that I could see "the writing on the wall". 

Why would anyone want to go to all the trouble to schedule a conference in a tiny meeting room and then rush to get there when they could just join the session with their iPads or Laptop? I loaded the Windows client software for Jabber on my laptop but never was able to get a connection to the Tandberg even though it tested out fine on my laptop.

Both the laptop and the Tandberg were inside the Office network. I did try DMZ on the outside connects but my problem is finding a real person to talk to .  So it is a 5 year old $26,000 LCD Screen right now  (Just Kidding)  But the price and age are correct.  I would love to be able to flash the firmware to enable it to work with Jabber if that was possible.  But when I called tech, they could not even find the unit by serial number  ( I don't have it with me now but I can post  it tomorrow) .

Many thanks to you both for replying.  The only real change was the IP address  and the move from T1 to Cable for Internet.  My concerns are related to previously having a synchronous 3mbps up AND 3mbps down T1  where now it is 7 mbps up and 65 mbps down (average)  (Asynchronous) DocSis3 Cable Modem.  If it needs to have the full band right off the modem,  I could do that if I have to.  The modem goes to a 5 way Cisco switch for the 5 IP’s.  But I have 5 other devices that also like to have their own IP.   I figured a Cisco Router and switch would pass the ports needed.  I put in all the ones I could find mention of plus put the Tandberg in DMZ but without a real person who has a few minutes to spare, I can't determine what the problem (If there is one) might be. Thanks and sorry for the long post

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