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Call via IP address from CUCM EX60 to VCS


I have noticed that I am able to call via IP address to an EX60 registered on a CUCM 8.6. I have some videoconferences in my company not registered on any VCS, just as an standalone endpoint which use IP for calls.

When I try to call the standalone endpoint via IP address from the EX60, the call doesn't progress, as the CUCM doen't support this. Do you have any idea of how to make calls on this way?



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Cisco Employee

Re: Call via IP address from CUCM EX60 to VCS

I might not fully understand your question correctly, but if your EX60 registered on CUCM as SIP UA device and H323 call setup mode configured as direct mode (i.e. xConfiguration H323 Profile 1 CallSetup Mode: Direct), you should able to make a call by IP address if you specify the call with H.323.

For example, call with API “xcom dial number: protocol:H323”. (assume far end device IP address is

You may dial from touch panel by “H323:” (adding “H323” force the call with H323 even default call protocol on EX60 configured as SIP)>


Re: Call via IP address from CUCM EX60 to VCS

Excellent, I didn't know that configuration, It worked perfectly.

One more question, is the any way to avoid to specify the protocol dialing the IP? I mean not to write h323: when dialing. Someway to make the endpoint try via SIP and H323 in case of failing.

Best regards

Cisco Employee

Re: Call via IP address from CUCM EX60 to VCS

No, Endpoint only initiate the call with either of SIP or H323 as call protocol and does not have function to failover to other call protocol (not like VCS which able to so).

If you configure H323 as default call protocol, then you don’t need to add “H323:” front of IP address but then you will need to specify the call as “SIP” when call need to go through CUCM.

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