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Haydn von Imhof

Calls between TX systems on CUCM

Hi All

I have the following Simple setup:

CUCM 8.6.2

TX9000 - 1.9.2

TX1310 – 1.9.0

VCS Integration (7.2)

Here is my issue.

When I make direct calls between the TX1310 to the TX9000 the call connects but no video or audio is transmitted by either system no matter which way I place the call the screens remain black.

If I call from a c40 registered to my VCS to the TX1310 and TX9000 or vice versa, audio and video works great.

Why does audio and video not work when calling directly between by TX systems registered on my CUCM?

Marius Nedregaard
Cisco Employee

Hi Haydn.

I would like to eliminate some infrastructure in order to adress this:

1. Remove SIP-Trunk between VCS and CUCM

2. Make sure the endpoints is using the correct sip proxy ( the cucm)

3. Try to register the C40 directly onto the CUCM without having an VCS sip-trunk. ( You need at least TC5.x to make this work)

4. You could try to upgrade your TX1310 to 1.9.2

If you do not have TC5 on your C40, you can reach out to licencing if you have a valid service contract and they will be able to provide you with the correct release key.



Rafal Szeremeta
Cisco Employee

Hello Haydn

What do you see in sysop/sip log (accessible from GUI) after call is established?

Is both profile in CUCM are identical (BFCP enabled) and endpoints are in same region?



Hi Haydn,

I would check the Region and Location settings in CUCM.

Make sure that when you configure the region (Even if they are using the same) you have allocated enough bandwitdh to place video calls.

Test the cameras and displays by using loopback feature in TX.

If on different networks verify RTP traffic is not blocked.


Haydn von Imhof

Upgrading my TX systems is what actually broke my system it seems.

I had a session with TAC today and it seems my issue is the CUCM software version.

Seeing as my TX systems are on 1.9.2 this is not compatible with CUCM 8.6.2 SU1

To fix my problem TAC advised I upgrade my CUCM to 8.6.2 SU2.

Ok so after upgrading my CUCM to 8.6.2 SU2 direct calls between my TX systems still dont work.

The call connects but no RTP media is negotiated.

Most of the time we only get audio only and no video.

Both systems are in the same region on CUCM and i have set the bandwith to unlimited.

If a place a call from the two TX systems to our TelePresence Blade then i get audio and video but when trying to connect directly between the two systems i get nothing.

Have you modify Region configuration (modify audio configuration and BW allocation for video call)?

  • Go to System > Region Information > Region
  • Click “Find”
  • Select appropriate region from available list (unless configured additional Region, select “Default” from list)
  • Select/Highlight “Default” (or appropriate region) in “Regions”
  • Select “256 kbps (L16, AAC-LD) from “Maximum Audio Bit Rate”
  • Manually input “32256” (or appropriate bandwidth number) in “Maximum Session Bit Rate for Video Calls”
  • Click “Save” and verify Regional Relationships information updated.
  • Click “Reset” to have the changes take effect.

Now try make a test call and see whether this configuration update help resolving issue you are experiencing.

Ok i made those changes.

Now if i call from the TX9000 to the TX1310 i get audio and video from the TX1310 to the TX9000 but the TX1310 gets no audio or video from the TX9000.

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