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Dave Shelton

Can someone help with the EX-90 Touch Panel?

I have three EX-90 units all with Touch Panel problems.  Two I beleive have the same problem, none are under warranty.  Since they are no longer under warranty I have removed the back panel.

     On two of the units, when power is applied LED's VDD1, VDD2, 1V8, 3V3, and 12v all come on.  After about 15 sec., LED D14 flashes and then the Display LED comes on.  Shortly after that RX TX LED flashes.  The Touch Panel display has "Missing Network Link" displayed on it.  Nothing more happens from this point on.

     The third unit the back has not been removed.  When power is applied only the "!" is lit.  There is no display.

     The codec works fine because a functioning Touch Panel works when plugged in.

Ashwani Pande

Hi Dave,

As you stated that another touch panel works fine so assuming that ethernet port of the codec is not faulty.

This happens because the Ethernet transceiver in the device may be damaged by voltage spikes. This improvement is available in main board version 800-35343-04 and onwards. The main board version is printed on the backside of the CT Touch panel.

In order to fix the issue you will have to contact Cisco TAC and open a service request to get the replacement of the faulty touch panels.


The last touch panel which is only showing ! and nothing happening on it. It looks like the touch panel not able to find the working software image.

First you can try to swap the software image of the touch panel only using below steps.

Power up unit

Press '!' directly after it lit up first time, all the Volume led will start to blink. It may be hard to time exactly when you should press "!" so please try a few times.

Then press 'mic off' two times.

Unit will now run 'selectsw' and boot up with the other image if it's present.

Secondary and last before getting the replacement of this unit you can try to factory reset the touch panel using  below link.

I will await your feedback...

Mr. Pande,

     I had seen the bulletin noting that voltage spikes might cause this problem.  Our office performs microsoldering so I assumed that U11, LAN9215i, was the Ethernet transciever and we replaced it with another LAN9215i, but there was no change.  Is there anything else you can tell me?

Hi Dave,

I would suggest not to perform any troubleshooting which either might damage the device permanently.

Open up a tac case as I believe replacement would be the last solution.


Dave Shelton

Mr. Pande,

     Thank you for your help.  I have no warranty on these units. We are unable to return the Touch Panel to CISCO so it is either try to repair it or throw it away and purchase a new one.  What can TAC do for me since I have no service contract.  I thought that was one of the first things they ask for, a service contract name or number.

Hi Dave,

You can either contact to your Cisco Account Manger to cover these devices under a new contract and then you can get the replacement.



Hi Dave

I have the same problem with tow Devices (MX 200 and  EX60)

when I connect the Touch Panel 8" Direct To the Mx200 it shown me this error "Missing Network Link" on Touch Panel Screen 

and I tested the touch panel with another Codec (EX90 ) and It worked fine without any problem

So, Please  tell me if you have any solution

thanks you

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