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Can the Com port on the EX90 be connecting to an AMX NI700 to receive command?

if so, what are the pinouts for the EX90? (TX/RX/GND) The AMX uses pin 3 for TX, Pin 2 for RX and Pin 5 for GND. I have been using an RJ45 cable and trying to match pins but I am still not getting a TX signal. Also, does the COM port need to be enabled?


The serial port would most likely need to be enabled, you can do that through the web interface or SSH. I'm not at a computer to check, so I can't give you the location of commands at the moment. 

Youll need to make a special serial cable for the EX90, below are two sets of instructions on how to do that. They are similar, but use different methods or parts to make the same type of cable  



The EX90 is not really build to be controlled by an additional control system.

(in general thats a thing for the integrator prodcucts).


The Serial port is not a RS232 (+/-25 Volt), instead of their using TTL level.

So a direct connection without a proper cable might cause a hardware fault!


I think the serial port was on by default, but that might have changed on the current software versions, thats what works fine for me:

xconf // serial
*c xConfiguration SerialPort BaudRate: 38400
*c xConfiguration SerialPort LoginRequired: Off
*c xConfiguration SerialPort Mode: On


The serial port is also on the bottom of the device, its ok to use it if you need to

troubleshoot boot issues, but besides that not really usable.


Dont expect Cisco to do any support for this if you run in to strange behavior when

controling the system with a 3rd party control.


Btw, what I would strongly recommenced is to use the telnet/ssh cli or http(s) API.

could picture that this might work with the AMX700, so why even think of using a serial port, ...



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I just checked a few of the devices we have here - yes, the serial port is enabled by default, even with the latest TC software release.

But, as mentioned by the others, issuing commands via a telnet/SSH/API method would be a much more modern and supported way of doing things and not require the custom cable and drivers (which might not work on the AMX anyway).

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Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
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