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Can Voicemail Message Button Be Removed

I have SX20 devices on the CE 8.0.0 software version and I was wondering if there is anyway to remove the voicemail message button. Do I need to upgrade or downgrade to another software?



Cisco Employee



I wanted to check have you provisioned SX20 anytime with CUCM, in that case I have tested in lab and found that after factory reset voice mail will go away.




Can you provide the process

Can you provide the process for this please? I'd like to remove the messages button from my MX series rooms. 

Refer to the factory reset

Refer to the factory reset section of the MX Admin Guides for the particular MX model and software version you have on how to reset the endpoint per Vivek's recommendation.


I understand how to factory

I understand how to factory reset - but I'm failing to understand how the message button and a factory reset are tied together? I'd assume there would be some other configuration item either on the CUCM side or the endpoint side that would allow for that message button to be removed from the Touch 10. 

I don't know CUCM in that

I don't know CUCM in that much detail, but just looking at an SX80 here in the office, I can make the voicemail button appear/disappear by setting Configuration > SIP > Profile 1 Mailbox, maybe this might help in some way.


Removing the DN from the

Removing the DN from the Mailbox field as suggested worked. It appears that I may be able to choose 'NoVoicemail' in the line settings of the DN of the device under Voicemail Profile to prevent that Mailbox field from being populated. I'll need to test this in Production to make sure that actually works though.

I've unfortunately been less successful removing the Messages button from a DX80, even in Public mode and the Voicemail Profile set to 'NoVoicemail'.


It did work for me when I

It did work for me when I used this process on SX20s, however I am also having a problem having it removed on SX80s. Is there anything else we can try?

Did changing the Voicemail

Did changing the Voicemail Profile to "NoVoicemail" as mentioned above work? Did you reset the SX80 after you made the change in CUCM?

The change worked for the

The change worked for the SX20. If I do a factory reset for the SX80, will I lose my option keys? Also, why would the factory reset work for removing the voicemail button? It seems there should be another way to remove it.

I didn't mean a factory reset

Sorry.  I didn't mean a factory reset, but within CUCM, reset the device so it reboots to get the updated configuration.


I did the reset in CUCM and

I did the reset in CUCM and it still did not work. The software of the SX80 is ce8.0.1.1e47efe


Re: Can you provide the process

All you have to do is remove the voicemail profile from the line, which will remove the massages button from the touch-panel. But the Decline softkey button on incoming calls will no longer work. The workaround would be:

1- No voicemail profile on the line
2- Set the call-forward-all to the voicemail pilot DN & make sure to assign the CSS that has the VM Pilot partition


Now the massages button will go away and the Decline softkey will work for incoming calls.


I hope that helps.


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