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Capture customer survey feedback using HttpFeedback

I am working on Cisco Spark Room Kit with Software version - CE 9.2.3 and trying to capture customer survey feedback in the database using web application, this hosted web application URL will act as “ServerURL” at the time of registering HttpFeedback (Referring to page no. 34 in API reference guide I have added macro from
to the endpoint and it’s successfully showing survey options at the end of the call.

I have register HttpFeedback using following xCommand,

xCommand HttpFeedback Register Expression: /event/userinterface/message/prompt/response Expression: /event/userinterface/message/textinput/response ServerUrl: FeedbackSlot: 1 Format: XML

But when I submit the feedback after disconnecting the call, there is a blank response in the web application. Would you please to help me for this issue?

Cisco Employee

Re: Capture customer survey feedback using HttpFeedback

Have you had any luck with this so far?


I would packet capture the message as it's sent from the system toward your web server and see if the message is present there.  If it is your web application is suspect.  If not, back to the codec configuration. 


I have something similar to this as part of my applications you can find on git hub here:

Let me know if you would like further assistance on this.



Re: Capture customer survey feedback using HttpFeedback

Thank you adschaef for your response and sharing your application git hub link.


I have connected endpoint through SSH and used command "xfeedback register /event/userinterface/message/prompt/response". Once I click on End call, I can see my responses in command line. Also, I have checked the packet capture and the endpoint is sending the messages to a web server so I don't think there is an issue with codec configuration.


Now I have following two questions,

  1. Is there any specific programming language expected for developing Web Application? I have developed Restful Web API service using .Net C# and following is the code (here I am writing user feedback in Log file using Log4net library, later I will store in DB). There is no issue in web server related to access rights for writing in log file because when I access "GetFeedback2" from the web browser, "Test2" text is getting written in Log file. Please review and let me know if I am missing anything.
    public class FeedbackController : Controller
            private readonly ILog log = LogManager.GetLogger(MethodBase.GetCurrentMethod().DeclaringType);
            public void GetFeedback(JObject feedbackResponse)
                    this.log.Info("GetFeedback called");
                    JObject objIdentificationObject = (JObject)feedbackResponse["Identification"];
                    JArray array = (JArray)objIdentificationObject["SystemName"];
                    string value = array[0].ToString();
                catch (Exception ex)
            public void GetFeedback2()
  2. Is there is any way to keep register HttpFeedback persistent? When initially I checked register feedback using "xstatus httpfeedback", I can see few already register HttpFeedback for FeedbackSlot 3 so I have registered my HttpFeedback on FeedbackSlot 1. I have checked using "xstatus httpfeedback" and I can see recently added HttpFeedback on FeedbackSlot 1 but after some time interval again when I checked using "xstatus httpfeedback" the recently added HttpFeedback on FeedbackSlot 1 are lost and I can only see HttpFeedback register for FeedbackSlot 3. I don't understand how FeedbackSlot 1 is getting deregister automatically, please suggest.
Thank you in advance.

Re: Capture customer survey feedback using HttpFeedback


         did you manage to get this work? I am still wondering how I should create webserver and parse these events from endpoints.

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