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Daniel Delorme

CDR for Telepresence?


i just enable the CDR and CAR option in our call manager (version 8) and i try to make report for our telepresence devices. ( CTS500,1100,1300 and 3100 also some MX200 and EX90)

The question his : the CDR can see my TP device or it's only for phone?

when i try to find user to build a report it's only show me my phone..



Michael Boscia

What do you mean by "build a report"?

The export function will absolutely work, so sending the CDRs somewhere with FTP does work, but things like CMRs do not, at least they didn't a few years ago.

What exactly are you trying to do?

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Hello Michael,

we want to be able to see our telepresence in the CDR and make some reports of how many call ( point to point) they could make. we generate report from our CTS-MAN for all meetings booked from Outlook but we want also see the point to pont calls.

actually i only see the Phone into the search engine of the CDR. ( traffic summary based on Phone Number)

so i am wondering if the CDR can see our telepresence or only the phone.



I had a similar question. The system I am working on does not have CTSMan and a 12 in Touch panel

so CDR would be the only option. Is there specific documentation related to cucm CDR and Telepresence?

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Michael Boscia

So you need to start out by configuring the CDRs to export to an FTP or SFTP server.

There are a couple options back in the CDR Analysis and Reporting section that you're going to want to look at, specifically the one under CDR Load that talks about when you have the CDRs written out to disk/FTP.

I've always configured mine for immediate or continuous load, which means that they write out as soon as they are ready.

This next link will help you understand the data that you're looking at once you've gotten it to your FTP server.

You can parse this data manually, but in a large, dynamic environment with a lot of calls going on, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it.  I would suggest that you find the data that is interesting to you or your organization and write a daemon to parse what you want from the text files that are written out to FTP from CUCM.

Having said all that, things like CMRs (unless this has changed) don't exist for Telepresence.

It has been a while since I've worked on this, so perhaps support for that has changed, and I don't have any information on CMRs and other datasets for non-CTS devices.

I hope this has been helpful in some way.

thanks Michael.


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