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Ce 9.5 classroom mode audio

Hi! We have a number of large lecture halls setup with a SX80, presentertrack and speakertrack. The way we have been switching between the presenter and speakertrack camera is through a physical toggle switch. The toggle switch is connected to a Crestron or AMX control system witch talks to the codec, DSP etc. When the presenter enables the speakertrack camera the audience microphones are enabled - and disabled when in prenster track.The problem is that most lecturers dont know about or use this feature. So with the introduction of classroom mode in 9.5 we are verry intrested in using this feature. We have enabled it in one hall for trsting. And the video sitching seems great.


The question we have is how does the audio get handled? Are all microphones always on? In speaker track mode does the system enable all microphone sources ? (So the presenter is not muted but also so the audience can be heard). Or is this something one should use the audio console feature for?  If the audio is not handled in any way on the codec should we setup a eventlistner in the control system so when the codec changes camera the audio source configuration should also change? 

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Re: Ce 9.5 classroom mode audio

The modes are purely for the cameras - they don't do anything with the microphones - which are by default all on.

If you needed zones of microphones to be triggered, you could add some buttons using the In-Room Controls on the Touch10, or add some macros on the endpoint that detect the change in state and then mute/unmute the required microphones.

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