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certificate requirement for CUCM VCS integration

Dear All,

According to development guide I understood that if TLS is used certificates are required on VCSC and CUCM.

But our development is within our network  and we do not have Microsoft CA server to issue certificate.

I am thinking that I will setup one Microsoft CA server to issue certificate and genarate CSR from VCSC and CUCM.

Then use those CSR and issue required certificate with Microsoft CA server. That Microsoft CA is temporary server to issue CA and will not be involved in our setup. May I know those certificate will work without CA server in place?

If will not work, any way to issue required certificate?


Thanks and Best Regards,

VIP Mentor

The CA dosent need to be active for the certs to work. Once the CERTS have been signed, thwn you should be okay, However you have to remember that when your CERTS expire you will need them to be renewed by the same CA or you can just go and purchase certs from PUBLIC CA such as digcerts, VeriSign, etc They are very cheap

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Hi Ayodeji,

Thanks for answer!


Best Regards,



I would install a linux and use openssl with some scripts or guis. You can do that on a VM

or even install it on a bootable usb stick, then you have it when you need it.


Your clients would need to trust that CA so you have to install the root ca certificate on them.


Going the public certificate road might be the best. Especially if you have different clients

and you have some plans to use MRA or b2b calls.

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Hi Martin,

Thanks for your answer

This integration is for jabber from cucm able to make call to vc endpoints those registered on vcsc 

and vcse vi. some jabber user will use from mobile/ tablet. Mobile user will access their internal network via any connect vpn and not coming via vcse.

I have a few questions regard dial plan (search rule).

Our requirement is to able to make a call from jabber to vcsc/vcse registered endpoint with number without keyin domain name. All endpoints would not be used SIP. All would be used H323 only.

caller ID display aslo would like see number only.

for example, jabber user calls to vc endpoint 

we would like to see on endpoint incoming call as a number and we would like to reach back to jabber user by calling that number in recent call list.


I have another question.

If I only need jabber video call (no need IM and content sharing) will IM and presence server be required ? 

my last question

what will be the basic requirements for cisco jabber to able to work video call? 

Will DNS, SRV records be needed?

So sorry for asking a lot of questions as I am a novice for cisco cucm jabber.


Thanks and Best Regards,


Bo Bo