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Cisco 6000 MXP Presentation Problem

Dear CISCO Community,

H.323 Connection from MXP 6000 (F9.1 PAL)  <-> MXP 3000 (F7.4 PAL) works fine, but when MXP 3000 start H.239 -> On Site MXP 6000 they see only a black picture. With remote control you stop Presentation. If now MXP 6000 send H.239 it works fine. You stop Presentation with Remote control.  When MXP 3000 send again, than it works fine. Is that a problem with the Software Build? Please find attached the log.

kind regards


Cisco Employee

Hi Christian.

Is this issue only occuring between these two endpoints, or do it occur in other calls aswell ?

Since do not run the newest software on either system, I would advise to carry out tests with F9.1.2 on both endpoints - to see if this helps your issue.



Hi Christian,

You're using a very old software version on the 3000 MXP. Can you try and upgrade it to F9.1 and make sure that we are not hitting a known issue of the previous version. From your description it looks like the issue lies with the 3000 MXP codec. Please upgrade and confirm if you're still facing the issue.


Mubashshir Akhtar

Thanks Mubashshir Akhtar

Hi Christian,

The logs given shows that the presentation packets are not even reaching the MXP 6000 when you share the presentation from the MXP 3000 for the first time:

H245LO-1 Outgoing MESSAGE END

H323MCS-1 pkts    988, loss      0, jitter   1, maxjitter   7, drop    0, rate   640 (Audio input)

H323MCS-1 pkts   1263, loss      0, jitter   2, maxjitter   7, drop    0, rate  3010 (Main Video input)

H323MCS-1 pkts      0, loss      0, jitter   0, maxjitter   0, drop    0, rate     0 (Duo video input)

H323MCS-1 pkts      7, loss      0, jitter   0, maxjitter   0, drop    0, rate     0 (Data input)

H323MCS-1 pkts    990, loss      0, jitter   0, maxjitter   0, drop    0, rate   640 (Audio output)

H323MCS-1 pkts   2251, loss      0, jitter   4, maxjitter   4, drop    0, rate  1720 (Main Video output)

H323MCS-1 pkts      5, loss      0, jitter   0, maxjitter   0, drop    0, rate     0 (Data output)

Please check from the MXP 3000 end, if it is sending the presentation packets out.

If it is sending out the packets then they must be getting dropped by the network.

You could try the test call again and collect logs from both the endpoints and attach it to this thread.




Thanks for your help, this is resolved


We are having an issue with the 6000 mxp codec and displaying a PC using a Win7 laptop. No errors are reported, nust won;t send the image.   Using an XP latop, PC is presented without any problems.  Does anyone know about problems using Win7 OS?

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