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Cisco 9971 SIP IP Phone and MCU 5310


I have several 9971 SIP IP phones that are running firmware sip9971.9-2-1 and on CUCM 7.1.5. 

I also have a Telepresence VCS environment which consists of a VCS, VCS Expressway, MCU 5310, and TMS server.

I have a SIP trunk from my CUCM to the VCS for internal calling between some of my CTS-500 and other devices. I register the MCU 5310 to the VCS.

I went for my 9971's which register to my CUCM to do video when calling the conference bridge.  I am able to make the call, the video pops up shortly but then disappears.  What do I need to do to get my 9971's to do video calling to the conference bridge?  9971 to 9971 video calling works fine.

Thank You


We will need Callmanager traces/packet captures to determine what is going on.  You may be invoking an MTP which might not handle the video properly.

I was looking at a doc on video transcoding and conferencing feature (   and it mentions that that I need to be on CUCM 8.6 and Router IOS code:  Cisco IOS 15.1(4)M.  Is this my problem?

It's possible, but there's no point in guessing what the problem is.  The packet captures/traces would be able to show exactly what was happening.

Patrick Pettit
Cisco Employee

Hi latinprt.  I'm curious what version you running on MCU and VCS if you can provide it. 

You may want to see about 1) Disabling BFCP on MCU (Settings>Content) Content Status to H239 Enabled or disabled to test.  This disables this box wide.2) Then navigate to Settings>Conferences and at the bottom, disable the advertisement of Out of Band DTMF. 

This may not fix the problem here, but would be best to see CUCM Traces like Brian indicated to see what is actually going on.  If VCS running X7 or higher, would be good to see network log debug from VCS as well.

Let us know how this goes.  Thanks in advance.




Does the call complete as audio only? If so make sure you have a region and location set up with the proper bandwidth to allow video. You should only need an mtp if your codecs don't match and you have to transcode.

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Patrick Pettit
Cisco Employee

Hi latinprt.  If you get the opportunity, I'd like for you to test 9971 SIP Phone Load version 9-0-2 if possible.  Can you let us know if you get video in both directions on this phone load version? 



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