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Cisco C40 Codec

Hi guys,

Hope you're doing fine.

I have a requirement for a customer for video conferencing and I have to submit my quotation but I'm really confused about which product I have to suggest.

Please check the below requirement on my tender:

Video Conferencing Solution, IP Based, HD Camera, with 52 inch LED screen: This system will be a Platform to connect various units like Site1, Site2 and even internally to remote Doctors like Telemedecine.

As you know most of CTS has LCD sceen or Plasma, so I'm thinking about the C40 Codec and add a third party LED screen, below my quote:

Product                                                Description                                                                               Quantity

CTS-INTP-C40-K9               IntPkg C40 - NPP, Rmt Cntrl, 1 Mic, Cbls ++                                                            1         

PWR-CORD-UK-A                 Pwr Cord UK 1.8m Black YP-61 To YC-12                                                              2     

SW-S52000-TC4.XK9             Software 4.x Encryption                                                                                       1      

LIC-INTP-C40-MS               IntPkg Codec C40, 4Way Individual Transcoding Multisite                                           1   

LIC-INTP-C40-PR               IntPkg Codec C40Premium Resolution (1080p/720p60) Option                                    1        

CTS-PHD-1080P4XS             PrecisionHD 1080p Camera w 4x zoom - not sold stand alone                                  1          

CTS-C40CODEC-K9               Codec C40 Unit                                                                                                   1     

CTS-RMT-TRC5                 Remote Control TRC 5                                                                                              1     

LIC-CXX-NPP                   Natural Presenter Package (NPP) for C Series Based Products                                     1       

LIC-INTP-C40                 License Key C40 IntPkg Codec                                                                                    1        

LIC-S52000-TC4.XK9           License Key Software Encrypted                                                                             1      

CON-ECDN-INTPC40             ESS WITH 8X5XNBD IntPkg C40 PreHD1080pCam, NPP, 2HDMI                            1       

CON-ECDN-HD80P4XS             ESS WITH 8X5XNBD PrecisionHD 1080p x4                                                       1       

Can you please let me know if I'm missing something.

Also I want to know the different mode how to make outside calls (suppose remote party is customer)? is it like basic polycom devices you just put the IP Address of the remote party and enjoy the party?

Internally I know how to do it as I've already have a CUCM 8.5.

Also do I need any MCU? I have added the Transcoding Multisite License to the device.

Waiting for your feedback.

Thank you


Cisco C40 Codec

Firstly, do they have an existing VC deployment? How many systems are they looking to purchase, just the 1 ?

You could use a C40 as per above, but you could also equally use a C20 which would cost less. The C40 is what is known as an 'integrator' codec used to connect multiple displays and audio devices, if you are looking for a simple codec that provides 1080p quality, you could use the C20 at a much better price - however it does not have the option for MultiSite (which is an embedded MCU) like the C40 does.

As you mentioned you needed an MCU, the C40 may be a better option for you, if you have a small deployment, however it may also be worth exploring a 4501 external MCU with C20 codec's especially if they already have an existing deployment or are looking to roll out a number of devices. A centrally managed MCU has far greater benefits over the embedded MCU on the C40 codec.

All of the C-series codecs support 'Fixed Ports' and 'NAT' so you 'could' configure your firewalls to allow the VC traffic in and out of your firewalls - which is fine for a single endpoint, however again - if this is for an existing deployment or you are looking to deploy a number of units, it would be better exploring the 'VCS Expressway' option - which is an infrastructure device that effectively 'tunnels' multiple video conferences through a secure port on the Firewall, making the solution far more scalable and secure.

Cisco C40 Codec

Thank you for your valued info.

Let me add some detail.

This a new deployment and new installation. The customer asking for 3 units.

I have choosed the C40 only for the multisite, since the customer asking for conferencing between external parties.

However can you help me to get the part # for the VCS expressway.


Cisco Employee

Cisco C40 Codec

Hey Naoufal,

In case you still need part #'s, as a Cisco Partner, Partner Central is a great resource:



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