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Cisco C60 Operation Temperature?

Hi All

What is the minimum and maximum hardware operating temperature for a Cisco C60 Codec?

If I log onto the system and pull an xStat I see the systems hardware temperature is at 76

Also is the above reading in fahrenheit or Celsius?

I see in the manual that the air operation temperature is 35'c Max but i dont know what the max hardware temp is.

Cisco Employee


the readout of the temperature is measured in degrees Celsius. As you mention, this is the hardware temperature. When I look at my EX90 at home, I see the limit being set to 85.

[dderidde-ex90-home:/] $ cat /etc/init.d/S21watchdog-temperature



start() {


    echo $limit > /tmp/hwconfig/temperaturelimit

    watchdog-temperature /sys/bus/i2c/devices/0-0070 $limit &

    echo $! > $pid


stop() {

    [ -f $pid ] && kill `cat $pid` && rm $pid


case "$1" in












        echo "Usage: $0 start|stop|restart"

        exit 1



[dderidde-ex90-home:/] $

You can verify your C60 by logging as root and checking for a file in /etc/init.d directory.

[dderidde-ex90-home:/] $ ls /etc/init.d/*temp*


[dderidde-ex90-home:/] $

And do a cat of that file.

Root is enabled from admin mode :

systemtools rootsettings on

Should temperature go higher than the limit, the system will be brought down.





The temperature of 76 was taken after the unit had cooled down and started to operate again. It was so hot it burns just to touch it. The problem we have is that one of the outputs single and dual will just stop working intermittently and consistenly when opening the enclosure and letting it cooldown it starts to work again. Does this sound feasible?



a C60 in our lab reads out as operating at 66 degrees.


Can you check the status of the FANs on your unit as shown above?

Termperature can be read out too using same getxml procedure.

I restarted the watchdog temperature script on our C60 in the lab.

[C60-in-TP-lab-CUCM-controlled:/etc/init.d] $ ./S21watchdog-temperature restart

[C60-in-TP-lab-CUCM-controlled:/etc/init.d] $

Temperature 0: 47.50C

Temperature 1: 66.00C

Temperature 2: 28.50C

[C60-in-TP-lab-CUCM-controlled:/etc/init.d] $

I am unsure where all these temperature values are read out. Must be different physcial areas on the board(s). Your 76 degrees tends to be at the high end of the scale. Can you check the fans are all working properly?

I know we have had some changes in recent released software, at least for a C90 I recall, to control the fans better. Which version do you run currently?



All the fans were checked and are turning as well as the xstat showed they were all spinning around 4900 rpm. While on-site I upgraded the software from 5.1.3 to 5.1.4. I am hesitant to state the unit is definantly over heating however on both occassions we went out to site as soon as the rack was left open for a short period and the unit cooled down it just starts working again.



as you stated in the first message you sent, the operating air temperature can be 35 degrees.

Operating temperature and umidity

• 0 to 35° (32 to 95° F) ambient temperature

• 10 to 90% relative humidity (RH)

If the conditions above are fulfilled and the air flow of the FANs is not blocked, I am inclined to say there might be some hardware issue here. Still : all your FANs are running and seem to be controlled properly. Would check the ambient temperature.

I found the max hardware temperature values here :

[C60-in-TP-lab-CUCM-controlled:/tmp/hwmon] $ cat max_temp0


[C60-in-TP-lab-CUCM-controlled:/tmp/hwmon] $ cat max_temp1


[C60-in-TP-lab-CUCM-controlled:/tmp/hwmon] $ cat max_temp2


[C60-in-TP-lab-CUCM-controlled:/tmp/hwmon] $

Temperature 0: 48.00C

Temperature 1: 66.50C

Temperature 2: 29.00C

My C60 is not near the max values set on this codec.



I believe the rack is operating as it should the problem is the enclosure the rack is in which has no ventilation which I believe is the cause of the unit overheating.

According to what you have just stated the clients codec is operating at the maximum temperature and this was after it started working and it cooled down suggesting that it is infact exceeding the limit?

Thank you,



I do think your unit is indeed close to the limit.

I spoofed my system into thinking 55 degrees is too hot and here's what my console tells me :

[dderidde-ex90-home:/tmp] $

Unit will halt if temperature is above 55C

Temperature 0: 49.00C

Temperature 1: 58.50C

Temperature 2: 47.50C

Temperature too high!  Sensor 1 measured 58.50C

Max temperature 1: 66.50C

Halting system!

Broadcast message from root@dderidde-ex90-home (Mon Nov 12 10:56:01 2012):

The system is going down for system halt NOW!

Connection to closed by remote host.

Connection to closed.

sweet-brew-7:/home/dderidde #

Your logfiles can be checked via GUI.

Can only see a shutdown in main.log, but not the reason being the system overheating  :-(

From main.log :

Nov 12 11:20:52 ppc main: CUIL reboot requested

Nov 12 11:20:52 ppc main: bootnotifier: Boot is requested

I can see the system being brought down from linux run level 2 to run level 0 when I extract the wtmp file from the historical logs and read it on my unit :

[dderidde-ex90-home:/tmp/log] $ last -x -f /tmp/log/wtmp

runlevel (to lvl 0)   3.4.14-205       Mon Nov 12 11:20 - 11:28  (00:07)   

root     ttyS0                         Mon Nov 12 11:16 - down   (00:04)   

root     ttyS0                         Mon Nov 12 11:16 - 11:16  (00:00)   

root     pts/0        sweet-brew-7.cis Mon Nov 12 11:06 - down   (00:14)   

root     H*2 ******** sweet-brew-7.cis Mon Nov 12 11:06 - down   (00:14)   

root     ssh          sweet-brew-7.cis Mon Nov 12 11:06 - down   (00:14)   

runlevel (to lvl 2)   3.4.14-205       Mon Nov 12 11:03 - 11:20  (00:17)   

reboot   system boot  3.4.14-205       Mon Nov 12 11:03 - 11:20  (00:17)   

wtmp begins Mon Nov 12 11:03:24 2012

[dderidde-ex90-home:/tmp/log] $

See the top line :

runlevel (to lvl 0)   3.4.14-205       Mon Nov 12 11:20 - 11:28  (00:07)   

Let me check whether there's a more straightforward way to understand the trigger for a codec halt/reboot.


Nice to know they still haven't resolved this in 2 years. The ability to monitor the temp really needs to be in prime.




Hi Jeff,

The temperatures are easily viewable on the devices - they're on the main System Information page on the Web interface (in most of the recent versions of software anyway - I can't recall the older versions).

Unless your endpoint is getting near the 85 degrees Celcius mark, it's not going to be a problem.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Yea, I guess he wants to have it in prime rather then having to check each endpoint manually.

Guess the purpose of a management software is to get a centralized overview ;-)


Not sure how prime handles the information of the endpoints, if it might be hidden somewhere in a database, but you could still read it out. That would be handy at least.



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Thanks Martin,

I missed the fact that "prime" was a management solution.  I hadn't come across that before (but I've used the older CiscoWorks for LAN management in a previous workplace)... having a quick look at the Prime documentation, none of the TelePresence endpoints are listed in the Supported Devices Table - perhaps that's more of a "Prime" issue rather than an "endpoint" issue - and is a different topic to that of the Original Post from 2 years ago.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
Cisco Employee

I can see on the main GU page indeed the temperature of the unit displayed.

However, I cannot see the reason why the unit was halted.

From discussions with engineering a while back, they explained that we should see these messages in the file messages.log :


Jul 28 01:29:24 (none) logger: Temperature too high. Sensor #0 measured 109 C. Halting...

Jul 28 01:29:24 (none) logger: Temperature sensor 0: 109


However, when I try this on TC7 release I see :

Jun 24 16:47:35.000 ppc shutdown[9679]: shutting down for system halt
Jun 24 16:47:35.000 ppc init: Switching to runlevel: 0
Jun 24 16:47:35.000 ppc lighttpd[3357]: (server.c.1548) server stopped by UID = 0 PID = 9715
Jun 24 14:47:45.000 ppc xinetd[1681]: Starting reconfiguration

No mentioning as to the cause being temperature too hot.

I invoked the issue using some commands logged in as root.

[dderidde-ex90-home:/] $ watchdog-temperature /sys/bus/i2c/devices/0-0070 40
Unit will halt if temperature is above 40C
Temperature 0: 60.50C
Temperature 1: 66.00C
Temperature 2: 55.00C
Temperature too high!  Sensor 2 measured 55.00C
Max temperature 2: 57.50C
Halting system!

The system is going down for system halt NOW!e (pts/0) (Tue Jun 24 16:47:35 2
[dderidde-ex90-home:/] $


We should be able to find this in some log after the unit was halted...



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