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Cisco CMS, TMS, TMSXE, and Expressway

Hi Guys


We are exploring the Cisco Meeting Server to be our Audio/Video/Web Conferencing solution. It should support 50 participants in a Conference session at max. I will be most grateful for your advice on the following:


1. We should be able to setup adhoc, scheduled and recurrent conference sessions. We should be able to setup the conference invites through emails as well. Will we require Telepresence Management Suite and TMS Extensions for this. Can't the Cisco Meeting Server on its own have a portal access for the conference setups - adhoc, scheduled, recurrent and have Outlook plugins where the selected staff can set it up. I also read about VQ Conference Manager. Thus for us to achieve this, do we need to just get CMS or CMS + TMS + TMSXE or it will be CMS + VQ CMS. Also is TMS and TMSXE free when we buy the CMS.


2. The participants will log in using the Jabber or CMS Client or through WebRTC from public Internet. For security, will it just require the Expressway C and Expressway E for Audio, Web and Video, or that there needs to be another security appliance such as CUBE.


3. Does CMS provide any analytics out of CMS or that we need to purchase another solution for the conference analytics such as hours spent on conference in a month, the number of participants join, their ID.


4. On the datasheets, the Expressway Small and Medium supports 100 Video Calls and 200 Audio Calls. Apart from the Virtual resource requirements, is there any other licence required on the expressway to support the 100 video and 200 audio calls.


5. Should the webRTC be configured off the Expressway or is there any alternative means for this.


I will be most grateful for your advice on this.





Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Based on your previous questions, I strongly suggest you engage a reputable consultant or a local Cisco partner WITH voice specializations to further discuss this. 



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Thanks Jamie


Is it possible if you can just give us brief insight if our understanding is correct of the technology as per the numbers 1 -5. Once we have understood it ourselves to some extent, we will release the RFQ.

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